Shot Fired Near Lee May Break His Nerve

Shot Fired Near Lee May Break His NerveAnother in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution

Wednesday, April 30th, 1913

Walter Graham Discharges a Derringer in His Cell at the Police Station.

Will Newt Lee, the negro night watchman accused of the murder of Mary Phagan, be unnerved today as a result of the firing of a double-barreled derringer in a nearby cell last night.

Will his nerves become so shattered at the thought of death that he will confess, admitting the crime, or implicating others?

This is what the police will determine today in further third degree work with Lee.

Walter Graham, a young white youth of 76 Marietta street, smuggled a double-barreled derringer in his cell last night when arrested. In a nearby cell was Lee, drooping over after the strain of the last investigation.

Suddenly a shot was fired in the station by Graham. Lee jumped as though he himself had been shot. Then attempting to regain control of himself, he tried to pay no attention to it.

But all through the night he seemed nervous, as though he was about on the point of telling something.

Will this shot have the effect of breaking his nerve down completely, and cause him to tell what he knows today when questioned?

* * *

Atlanta Constitution, April 30th 1913, “Shot Fired Near Lee May Break His Nerve,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)