Leo Frank Defense Theory: Mary Phagan Murder by Jim Conley in the Basement

The prosecution’s case was that Leo Frank raped and murdered Mary Phagan in the metal room on the second floor of the factory verses the Defense’s version of the case that the sex-murder occurred in the basement by Jim Conley.

Jewish-American activist and racist propagandist Adolph Ochs, the media magnate who owned the New York times, commissioned this photo series to mendaciously trick people into thinking Leo Frank was innocent and Jim Conley was to blame entirely for the rape and strangulation of Mary Phagan

The 9 part photo series is part of the New York Public Library (NYPL) documents about the Leo Frank Case. The NYPL pulled these images off their website, because someone complained that the blackface photos make it seem like adolph ochs was a racist and a propagandist who would falsify evidence to exonerate a serial pedophile.

In 1913, Adolph Ochs took on the Mary Phagan murder case as his personal crusade to try and convince people that Leo Frank was innocent. He hired a media team and White actors, one to dress up in blackface, and go through the defense’s approximate version of how Mary Phagan was assaulted, raped and strangled.

There is only one problem with Adolph Ochs version of the events… 1913 Forensic Science.

In real life Mary Phagan’s wounds did not bleed, so whoever supposedly assaulted and then dragged Phagan in the basement, in an effort to try and make it look like she was raped and strangled in the basement, did not know that the dead girls wounds would not bleed, and that is what gave it away to the Coroner and other physicians, who conducted autopsies, that Mary Phagan was already quite dead before she reached the basement and likely killed upstairs in the metal room where her hair and blood were found.

The cover-up was one of those forensic mistakes that Leo Frank had overlooked in his attempts to have it look like she was killed in the basement.

Read the Defenses version of the case in the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence.

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