What are the Most Probable Solutions to the Murder of Mary Phagan?

When we review the official legal records and newspaper accounts of the Leo Frank trial as 21st century observers, traveling down the time web of imagination to explore the possible solutions of the case, we find ourselves coming to three doorways representing the most highly probable solutions concerning who violently assaulted and garroted Mary Phagan. We know with great certainty from what was revealed between April and August of 1913, that the probable murder permutations can be reduced to three likely scenarios: Leo Frank vs. Jim Conley, or connivance.

The Leo Frank Defense Version: Jim Conley Murders Mary Phagan Alone Variation (1913 to 1915, 1982 to 2015). Jim Conley assaulted Mary Phagan in the lobby of the National Pencil Company, dumped her in the basement unconscious, dragged her to the rear of the basement, raped and robbed her, then fled out the backdoor of the factory through the service ramp. During the commission of the crime, Alonzo Mann witnessed Jim Conley carrying an unconscious girl over his shoulder at 12:05 O’clock p.m. on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913 in the lobby of the National Pencil Company (see the Alonzo Mann Affair).

The 21st Century Connivance Variation (2013) – Jim Conley participated with Leo Frank during the bludgeoning, rape, strangulation, murder and mutilation of Mary Phagan.

The State of Georgia’s Prosecution team theory that Leo Frank committed the crime alone and then asked Jim Conley to help remove the body and conceal the crime (1913 to 1915) In this variation, Leo Frank lured Mary Phagan into the metal room on the false pretext of checking to see whether the metal arrived or not, when he knew it had not been delivered yet. He informed Mary that he wanted to be with her, but she refused him, so he assaulted her.

The Sub Permutation of the Leo Frank did it Variation is:

The Koenigsberg Variation (2013) – Leo Frank and Mary Phagan had a pre-arranged tryst in the metal department at noon sharp on Saturday, April 26, 1913 — The room located on the second floor rear of the National Pencil Company — but something went wrong. For exploration of hte Koenigsberg Variation, visit the Leo Frank Yahoo discussion group.


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