Feces in the Elevator Shaft

The theory that the Leo Frank Defense Advocates claims exonerates Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan. Jim Conley claimed he dumped in the elevator shaft in the morning circa 9:00 O’clock a.m. on Saturday morning, Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1913. When the police went down to the basement and examined the drag marks from the elevator shaft to the rear of the basement they noticed a pile of feces in its “natural state”. The defense argues that if Frank and Conley had taken the elevator down the feces would have been mashed, instead of in its natural state.

The problem with these theory is what are the circumstances of the elevator and elevator shaft? Is there a space at the bottom of the elevator which is standard for most elevator shafts to have space, because garbage is normally thrown down there? Does the elevator floor, look like it touches down, but really there is still space? what does it look like under the elevator’s floor is it flat? or is there room under there as if looking up into a tray? There are so many possibilities in these regards there is no way to say for certain that the elevator wasn’t used, or perhaps Mary Phagan was thrown down the elevator shaft? There are many other possibilities?

What of the drag marks from the elevator entry in the basement to the spot in the back of the factory?

Was Mary Phagan thrown down the scuttle hole or down the elevator shaft? Or did Jim Conley and Leo Frank take the elevator down as expected.