Jewish Educational Programs Poisoning Children’s Minds in American Middle Schools with racist anti-Gentile propaganda against European-American Southerners..

He who controls the present, controls the past and he who controls the past, controls the future. -George Orwell

The historical narrative of the well organized Jewish community is one that states in effect, “We Jews are under siege by non-Jews and when we Jews are not under siege by Gentiles, we might be soon, so watch out”. In a simplified analysis, the world view that emerges from the Jewish collective consciousness is one of paranoid mental illness: the world is out to get us, and it’s always the tribal, “us verses them” mind set. To maintain this narrative requires that racist anti-Gentile morality tales be relentlessly created out of thin air, by inverting all of reality through the lens of anti-Semitism, to the benefit of Jewish solidarity and detriment of Gentiles, in this case Southern European-Americans and African-Americans.

Stan Deaton

Please watch the two Leo Frank trial videos from ‘Today in Georgia History’ through the links below, watch them again until you captured a transcript of what was said by Stan Deaton. Pay special attention to not just the specific things he states as true history, but how it all together, as pieces of the puzzle, come to present the Leo Frank trial, woven as an injustice. In this example, American children are shown propaganda videos that transform Leo Frank from an accused serial pedophile and convicted child killer into the real victim of this legal affair, while 13 year old Mary Phagan is nothing more than an icon of irrational Southern solidarity. By giving a very narrow newspaper snapshot with two biased videos as background and foundation, one can see what the subtext of this Jewish propaganda class session is attempting to instill in the children via selectively conflicting perspectives on the Leo Frank case from a century old newspaper and the modern popular culture orthodoxy of the trial, instead of providing these students and teachers with all the newspaper accounts to learn what really happened. The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Georgian newspapers that specifically mention the Murder of Mary Phagan and Trial of Leo Frank from April through August 1913 are available on the Internet archive, but for this Jewish educational poison, the children are given only a selectively racist anti-Gentile perspective of the case as the foundation. The poison seeds are then planted in the minds of these children that traditions of White solidarity as cultural heritage from the Old South are evil, because they lead to falsely manufactured blood libels against innocent Jews, framing them as pedophile stranglers. The underlying goal is to break ethnic solidarity in non-Jews and promote ethnic solidarity in Jews. The message is that Stan Deaton in the 21st century is telling you what really happened, and anything contrary to it is likely biased.

So what really happened in the Leo Frank case can be discovered by reading all the three Atlanta Daily newspaper accounts of the murder of Mary Phagan and Trial of Leo Frank, with The Leo Frank trial brief of evidence (1913) serving as the digest of what the defense and prosecution ratify in stone.

Title: Author Point of View in the Leo Frank Case Newspaper Coverage

Published by Georgia Historical Society.

Using newspaper coverage of the Leo Frank case to better understand author point of view and bias.

“Opening America’s Archives, Using Primary Sources Across Disciplines”

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Becky – Marta Puckett Middle School
Joannie – Camden Middle School


Each activity should meet a Georgia Studies standard and Common Core State Standard. Separate the standards by commas.

Time Needed to Complete Activity: One class Period.

Students will read the article “Phagan Trial Will Be Great Legal Battle” and decipher the writer’s point of view and any biases he has.

Materials Needed:

A collection of newspaper articles on the Leo Frank Case from the Georgia Historical Society (Scroll down to the “Phagan Trial Will Be Great Legal Battle”:


VIDEO segments of the Leo Frank Trial:




Teacher Task: Before presenting the assignment, give students background information on the Leo Frank Trial and show them the video clips. Afterwards, pass around copies of the article “Phagan Trial Will BE Great Legal Battle” for the students to read. Pu them in groups and have the students read silently to themselves. Encourage them to highlight and/or note of any phrases that include the writer’s personal biases or points of view on the trial.

As a group, have the students discuss their findings with each other and write them down. Plan on circling around to each group and asking them questions to help dissect biases in the article.

As a class, go over the students’ findings. Discuss the effects of point of view and biases. Ask “how can a person’s biases affect the way WE view a person or event years later?” Also ask them: How can we study biases? Do they reveal how people at the time thought? Or just how an individual thought? Or perhaps both?

Perhaps relate this to a contemporary discussion people are having about a controversial topic in the news (gun control for instance). When people in the future read articles written in 2013, about gun control, will the biases in those articles be a reflection of the way people thought in 2013? Is it a bad idea to learn the history of someone or something by reading and analyzing something biased?

Educational Program Source:

Further Reading:

Visit the Leo Frank Library newspaper page to determine if the two videos by Stan Deaton are biased in favor of Leo Frank.