Southern Poverty Law Center, Winter 2013 Report: Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites

Intelligence Report, Winter 2013, Issue Number: 152

Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites

Just over a century ago, on Aug. 25, 1913, a Georgia jury found factory superintendent Leo Frank guilty of the horrific murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, whose strangled corpse was found in the basement of Atlanta’s National Pencil Company, which Frank ran. Frank, who was 29 at the time, was said to have flirted with the young girl and was supposedly the last person to see her alive. A jury sentenced him to death for the crime.

In 1915, Georgia’s governor, citing concerns about a miscarriage of justice, commuted Frank’s sentence. Soon after that, a mob calling itself the “Knights of Mary Phagan” kidnapped Frank from prison and lynched him.

The Frank case reawakened the Ku Klux Klan, sparking its so-called “second era,” and inspired a wave anti-Semitic sentiment. And though Frank was posthumously pardoned in 1986, 100 years after the fact, his case remains a cause célèbre among American anti-Semites. In August, The Jewish Daily Forward published a groundbreaking article exploring the modern Leo Frank propaganda industry and the websites it has produced.

Most serious historians of the period have concluded that Leo Frank, a Jewish man who ran an Atlanta pencil factory, was innocent of the 1913 murder of a 13-year-old girl for which he was lynched. But that hasn’t stopped websites run by neo-Nazis from pronouncing him guilty — and typical of the Jewish “race.” BETTMANN/CORBIS IMAGES

As the Forward noted, most anti-Semitic sites dedicated to Frank are registered anonymously. On the 100th anniversary of Phagan’s death, The American Mercury, a resurrected and deeply anti-Semitic online version of H. L. Mencken’s defunct magazine of the same name, published an article by the apparently pseudonymous Bradford L. Huie titled, “100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty,” which has been widely reposted on white nationalist Internet forums.

Other anti-Frank propagandists are all too happy to take credit for their efforts. The Forward identified Kevin Strom, a bookish neo-Nazi with a fondness for child pornography, as the brains behind, one of the more polished anti-Frank sites. A former deputy to the late William Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Strom broke away to form his own radical group, National Vanguard. Later, in 2007, he was indicted for possession of child pornography and eventually convicted. His group dissolved as a result, but Strom since his release has continued to work behind the scenes.

Two of the sites noted by the Forward are run by John de Nugent, a self-styled ombudsman for the “responsible white separatist community” who claims, among other things, that “Whites descend from Nordic Aliens, and this is why we are NOT from this planet and are VERY different from other races.”

De Nugent’s is more obviously anti-Semitic than Strom’s site, but still polished enough to fool a naïve young student. His other site,, is more blatant, featuring, among other things, a music video for a song by neo-Nazi punk band “Achtung Juden” (“Beware Jews”) called “The Knights of Mary Fagan,” [Knights of Mary Phagan is the correct spelling] whose first comprehensible line is, “String up the Jews.”


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Commentary on the SPLC article

I wonder why the SPLC didn’t also didn’t try to smear The American Mercury’s 2013 analysis of the Leo Frank trial and ADL that went viral?

SPLC says, serious historians believe Leo Frank is innocent. What they mean is that racist Jewish activists who call themselves “historians” believe Leo Frank is innocent! Anyone who actually studies the case without Jewish bias has no doubts Leo Frank is guilty. What these Jewish racists failed to mention is that the Negro janitor, James “Jim” Conley is falsely blamed by the well organized Jewish Community for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, as well as White Gentile anti-Semitism being behind it all! Both claims do not stand up to serious legal or academic inquiry.

This case should also be taken up by African-Americans (like nation of Islam) who wish to fight racism perpetuated by the race conscious Jewish Supremacist groups that control and occupy the US government, like: ADL, SPLC, AIPAC and all the other alphabet initialed Jewish-American pro-Israeli groups that can be found on wikipedia.

Black and White Americans demand an apology from the ADL, SPLC and Jewish community for spreading racist anti-Gentile falsehoods about the Leo Frank case.

Video Referenced: Knights of Mary Phagan

SPLC says, ….whose first comprehensible line is, “String up the Jews.” Yet the video says “string up the Jew”, Jew singular, not Jews plural, because that specific part of the song is about the lynching of Leo Frank 100 years ago.

We can see first hand the subtle manipulation by the SPLC, which is filled from top to bottom with racist Jewish supremacists and homosexual extremists.

Murder Inspired by SPLC?

SPLC, by relentlessly slandering Christian groups may have caused a Christian conservative leader to be murdered in cold blood by a psychopathic fellow-traveler of homosexual extremism. We encourage you to look up the case.

The leftwing anti-heterosexual murderer who was captured by the police, claimed he got the target inspiration from reading the SPLC web site.

The SPLC has blood on its hands via instigating its own brand of hate by relentlessly smearing, American patriots and Christian groups who respectively defend the US constitution and Bible!