Women Inspectors Urged to Protect Factory Girls

Women Inspectors Urged to Protect Factory Girls

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution

Monday, May 5th, 1913

Dr. Holderby took occasion during his Sunday morning service at Moore Memorial church to refer to the recent horrible Phagan tragedy, which has shocked the entire community, and urged the people not to discuss the matter with their children.

He said:

“It is unaccountable to me why people should be so hysterical and become so frightened because one demon has perpetrated a crime.

“This unspeakable crime is bad enough, and every effort should be made to find the guilty party—and every effort is being made by the detective departments—and this should satisfy the public.

“During the past week Atlanta has been greatly excited and torn up through the publicity of the details of this sickening crime and the whole city has been demoralized.

“This thing might have happened in any other city. It does not argue that Atlanta is worse than other cities, because one demon has perpetrated a revolting crime.

“Every law-abiding citizen is shocked and grieved over the dastardly deed, and neither the people nor the police department are to blame for the tragedy.

“One lesson may be learned from this terrible tragedy and that is that the city cannot be too careful about the working girls, many of whom are occupying very exposed positions. It is the duty of the city to afford every protection to the working girls and it is the duty of every family to look carefully after their girls. There should be city inspectors (preferably women) whose duty it would be to look after the general condition and the treatment of the working girls of the city. If this were done there would not likely occur any such hideous crime against pure and innocent girls.”

* * *

Atlanta Constitution, May 5th 1913, “Women Inspectors Urged to Protect Factory Girls,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)