Pinkertons Take Up Hunt for Slayer

Pinkertons Take Up Hunt for SlayerAnother in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Georgian

Monday, April 28th, 1913

Investigate Story of Wife of Employee That She Saw Strange Negro Around Factory.

The Pinkerton Detective Agency was brought into the Phagan murder mystery this afternoon when Leo Frank, superintendent of the National Pencil Company’s factory, called upon the local representatives and engaged their services.

The operatives went to work at once, following out clews already obtained and developing new ones. Their attention was called to the story of Mrs. Arthur White, wife of one of the employees of the factory, who went to the factory to see her husband Saturday. She noticed a strange negro hanging about the elevator and remarked about the circumstance to her husband later.

When she heard of the murder of the Phagan girl she recalled seeing the negro loafing about the building. The man she saw was tall and thin, answering the description given in the incoherent notes that were found by the body of the dead girl.

Mrs. White will be taken to the station to look at Geron Bailey, the negro elevator man and fireman, who is being held in connection with the case.

* * *

Atlanta Georgian, April 28th 1913, “Pinkertons Take Up Hunt for Slayer,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)