New Audio Book: The American Mercury on Leo Frank – Frank’s Trial, Week Three

OUR NEW AUDIO BOOK version of the American Mercury’s centenary series on the 1913 trial and conviction of Jewish sex killer Leo Frank, recorded by Vanessa Neubauer, continues with week three of the trial. Just click on the player below to hear our latest chapter.

Leo Frank was the president of the Atlanta chapter of B’nai B’rith, which became — in the immediate wake of and partly as a result of the Frank case itself — the parent organization of the organized crime-linked Jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League). The ADL has come under fire from critics both Jewish and Gentile, but remains a powerful force in Deep State Washington. Much of today’s well-known false narrative of the Frank case (Frank as an innocent victim of Southern “anti-Semitism”) can be laid directly at the feet of the ADL. (ILLUSTRATION: prosecuting attorneys Dorsey and Hooper; Leo Frank; and defense attorneys Rosser and Arnold)

Frank was the superintendent and part owner of the National Pencil Company, a Jewish-owned sweatshop that employed over 100 locals, almost all of them underage girls. In the course of the trial, several of these girls testified to lascivious behavior of Frank toward them. He evidently exploited his position of authority to use many of these young girls for sex, and Mary Phagan’s murder is, according to the evidence, one of these trysts gone wrong.

This week’s recording is the fourth in our series, presenting Week Three of the trial itself, and you may download or play the program using the link or player below — and you may also follow along and read the text version too.

Week Three of Frank’s trial marked the beginning of the defense’s case.

William Bradford Huie of the Mercury describes the proceedings and their implications:

How jocular and playful Leo Max Frank was in the forenoon of April 26, 1913, apparently a man without a care in the world. Was he possibly even a man with the anticipated pleasure of a sexual tryst in mind? Contrast this with his nervousness and trembling and startling inability to perform everyday tasks when Newt Lee arrived at four in the afternoon — a time when, according to his story, he didn’t have any idea that Mary Phagan was dead and had nothing but a possible rain shower to worry about. . . .

As the defense began its parade of witnesses, few suspected that the defendant himself, Leo Frank, would soon take the stand and make an admission so astonishing that it strained belief.

Here is a description of the full series which will be posted as audio in future weeks; once all segments have been released, the Mercury will be offering for sale a complete, downloadable audio book of the full series.

1. Introduction

100 Years Ago Today: The Trial of Leo Frank Begins

2. WEEK 1

The Leo Frank Trial: Week One

3. WEEK 2

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Two

4. WEEK 3

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Three

5. Leo Frank mounts the witness stand by Ann Hendon

100 Years Ago Today: Leo Frank Takes the Stand

6. Week 4

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Four

7. Closing arguments of Rosser, Arnold and Hooper

The Leo Frank Trial: Closing Arguments of Hooper, Arnold, and Rosser

8. Closing arguments of Hugh Dorsey

The Leo Frank Trial: Closing Arguments, Solicitor Dorsey

Be sure to look for next week’s installment here at The American Mercury as we continue to follow the trial that changed the South — changed America — and changed the world.

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