New Audio Book: The American Mercury on Leo Frank – Frank’s Trial, Week One

Newt Lee, far right, on the witness stand (click for high resolution)

THIS WEEK we continue the new audio book version of the American Mercury’s centenary series on the 1913 trial and conviction of Jewish sex killer Leo Frank, recorded by Vanessa Neubauer. Frank was a Jewish sweatshop  operator convicted of murdering his 13-year-old employee after she rejected his sexual advances. (ILLUSTRATION: a photograph of the trial in progress, Newt Lee on the witness stand)

This week’s recording is the second of the series, Week One of the trial itself, and you may download or play the program using the link or player below, and you may also follow along and read the text version too.

This installment covers Week One of Frank’s trial, including the vitally important testimony of Newt Lee, the Black night watchman who discovered the body — and who was the victim of an attempt to frame him for the murder. We’ll hear about the fake bloody shirt planted at Lee’s residence, and the altered time card that mysteriously replaced Lee’s real one, which the police left in Frank’s custody and was never seen again.

Also covered are the testimony of detectives Scott, Starnes, Rogers, and Black, essential for understanding the evidence in this case, as well as the evidence of John Gantt, who was a friend of the murdered girl, Mary Phagan. Then we hear some of the most convincing and damning testimony of all — that of factory worker Monteen Stover, who arrived to pick up her pay and found Leo Frank’s office empty at the exact time that the murder was most likely committed. There’s much more to hear, so let’s press the play button and go back in time and experience for ourselves the opening day of the murder trial of Leo Frank.

Here is a description of the full series which will be posted as audio in future weeks; once all segments have been released, the Mercury will be offering for sale a complete, downloadable audio book of the full series.

1. Introduction

100 Years Ago Today: The Trial of Leo Frank Begins

2. WEEK 1

The Leo Frank Trial: Week One

3. WEEK 2

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Two

4. WEEK 3

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Three

5. Leo Frank mounts the witness stand by Ann Hendon

100 Years Ago Today: Leo Frank Takes the Stand

6. Week 4

The Leo Frank Trial: Week Four

7. Closing arguments of Rosser, Arnold and Hooper

The Leo Frank Trial: Closing Arguments of Hooper, Arnold, and Rosser

8. Closing arguments of Hugh Dorsey

The Leo Frank Trial: Closing Arguments, Solicitor Dorsey

Be sure to look for next week’s installment courtesy of The American Mercury as we continue to follow the trial that changed the South — changed America — and changed the world.