Frank Not Nervous on Night Of Murder Says Mrs. Ursenbach

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
August 15th, 1913

Mrs. Charles F. Ursenbach followed her husband on the stand. During the cross-examination by Attorney Hooper she was asked scores of detailer questions about the words and manner of Leo Frank on the Sunday that the body was found.

“What is your relation to Mrs. Leo Frank?” asked Mr. Arnold.

“I am her sister.”

“Did you hear about the message from Mr. Frank saying he could not go to the ball game with your husband that Saturday?”
“Yes, I got it from the servant.”

“At what time?”

“At about 12:30.”

“Did you see Frank on Sunday?”


“What time did you first see him?”
“At about 12:30.”

Knew of the Tragedy.

“Did you know of the tragedy then?”

“Were there any scratches on his face?”

“Was he nervous?”
“No more so than anyone would naturally be.”

Solicitor Dorsey objected to this kind of an answer and it was ruled out.

Mr. Hooper then took up the cross-examination. He asked her a number of questions concerning the borrowing of her husband’s raincoat by the defendant.

“Did Frank have it on Saturday?”

“Didn’t you suggest speaking to Minola McKnight about keeping quiet about what she knew?”

“When did Frank first tell you of the murder?”
“At about 12:30 o’clock that Sunday.”

Had Not Mentioned Lawyer.

Mr. Hooper then asked many detailed questions about what Frank had said and asked if he had said anything about hiring a lawyer or getting the Pinkertons on the case. She replied that he had neither mentioned a lawyer nor the Pinkerton detectives.

“Did he tell you he knew the girl?”
“I don’t remember.”

“What did he say about how she was killed.”

“I don’t remember.”

“Didn’t he say anything about that cord that cut into her neck?” asked Mr. Hooper.

“Yes, I believe he did say she had been choked to death.”

“Did Frank say anything about telephoning Newt Lee?”
“I don’t remember.”

“Was he nervous that night?”
“He was not.”

She was then excused.

* * *

Atlanta Constitution, August 15th 1913, “Frank Not Nervous on Night of Murder Says Mrs. Ursenbach,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)