Frank Answers Questions Nervously When Recalled

Frank Answers Questions Nervously When Recalled

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Georgian

Thursday, May 8th, 1913

Frank was slightly nervous when he was answering the questions. He was asked:

Q. What kind of an elevator floor have you in the factory on the office floor?—A. A solid sliding door.

Q. Where was the elevator Friday night and Saturday?—A. I didn’t notice it.

Q. What protection would there be from a person from falling into the shaft if the door was open?—A. There is a bar across the shaft.

Q. Where was the elevator Saturday?—A. I did not notice it.

Q. Where was it Sunday?—A. On the office floor.

Gave Tape to Police.

Q. What did you do with the tape after you took it out of the clock Sunday morning?—A. Gave it to one of the officers.

Q. Who was at a party at your house Saturday night?—A. Mr. Goldstein and others.

Q. Who else?—A. His wife and

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Mrs. Isaac Strauss.

Q. What were you doing?—A. Reading the Metropolitan magazine.

Q. Did you greet them?—A. Yes.

Q. You just greeted them?—A. Yes.

Q. Did you get up to greet them?—A. I don’t remember.

Q. How about Mrs. Wolfsheimer?—A. She was not there.

Q. What was said about whisky when the officers came?—A. Nothing was said of whisky, but I said I would like to have a drink of something warm and the officer said a drink would do me good.

Dreamed of Phone Call.

Q. What did you say of some one telephoning you later at night?—A. I said I dreamed some one called.

Q. Did you look at the girl when you went to the undertakers?—A. Yes.

Q. Did you go into a toilet?—A. I did not.

Q. When did you first hear the girl’s name?—A. I do not remember that accurately.

* * *

Atlanta Georgian, May 8th 1913, “Frank Answers Questions Nervously When Recalled,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)