Audio Book – The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, part 24

Alonzo Mann in 1982, left, and 1913

by Philip St. Raymond
for The American Mercury

THERE HAS NEVER been a better refutation of the 1982 supposed testimony of Alonzo Mann “exonerating” Leo Frank of the charge of murder than in this book by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam. They bring up the points that writers for the Mercury have brought up casting considerable doubt on Mann’s story, but add new information that, to this writer’s knowledge, has never been published before. It is the definitive deconstruction of the Mann fable, which was used in the 1980s as a bludgeon by the ADL — twice — to try and extract a pardon for Frank from the state of Georgia — something that might well be tried again now that a new governor is in place there.


In this, the twenty-fourth audio segment of this ground-breaking work originally published by the Nation of Islam, part of their series called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, we will also learn of the bizarre claim of a pro-Frank partisan that “bite marks” were found on the body of Mary Phagan and that the marks “did not match Leo Frank’s teeth.” No such marks were ever found; the widely circulated tale is a complete fabrication.

This new audio book, based on the Nation of Islam’s The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, the best investigative effort made on the Leo Frank case in the last 100 years, will take you on a trip into the past — to the greatest American murder mystery of all time; a mystery that will reveal to you the hidden forces that shape our world even today.

To read all the chapters we’ve published so far, simply click on this link.

We at The American Mercury are now proud to present part 24 of our audio version of this very important book, read by Vanessa Neubauer.

Simply press “play” on the player embedded above — or at the end of this article — to hear part 24 of the book.

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Click here to obtain a print or e-book copy of this important work, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 3; The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man.

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