1961: National States Rights Party Weighs in on the Leo Frank Case

This article is transcribed from the February, 1961 issue of The Thunderbolt, the official newspaper of the White racialist and anti-Jewish National States Rights Party. Its editor was, and is today, Dr. Edward R. Fields. In the 1980s, Dr. Fields organized a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) march to Mary Phagan’s grave in remembrance of her and in protest of the Jewish groups who were working behind the scenes to get Leo Frank exonerated and pardoned from the years 1982-1986. As recently as 2015, Rabbi Steven Lebow petitioned to get the Georgia state government to exonerate Leo Frank of the murder of Mary Phagan.

Leo Frank Case and Today’s Jewish Rape of the South

A Christian Girl Murdered — A Jew Arrested — A Horrified, but Awakened Southland

Little 13 year old Mary Phagan was called the sweetest tempered, happiest and prettiest little girl at the Atlanta Baptist tabernacle where she attended church. Mary was the daughter of a hard working cotton mill hand, with a family of six children. It was April 26, 1913, Confederate Memorial Day. Mary awoke this bright holiday morning and eagerly looked forward to watching the gay patriotic march of the Confederate Veterans down Peachtree Street that afternoon. Mary had her usual breakfast of bread and cabbage (common of food afforded by the depressed White working class).

Mary was a victim of child labor violations which are today a crime. Child labor was common and tots 6 to 10 were to be found slaving away in Rothschild owned cotton mills. Mary was going to pick up her weeks pay ($1.20) at the National Pencil Co. on Forsyth Street before watching the parade. She dressed up in a pretty lavender dress and a large straw hat decorated with ribbons and flowers. Smiling with pride as she left her home, she carried her little silver mesh handbag, which was her greatest treasure. At 11:45 A.M. Mary caught the English Avenue trolley car which carried her downtown. George Epps, a 15 year old news boy acquaintance sat beside Mary. Mary started talking about her boss Leo Frank. She was afraid of Frank and wanted young Epps to escort her to the factory. It was a holiday and she didn’t want to be alone in the building with Frank. She told Epps that Frank would get her in a corner and make passes at her. Often he had smiled and winked at the little girl during working hours. Epps was late for his street corner job of selling the Atlanta Journal and told Mary he would see her later.


She entered the building at 12 noon — an hour and ten minutes later (1:10PM) Frank left and locked the factory which was by now the grisley [sic] tomb of Mary Phagan!

What kind of a man was Leo Frank? Frank was born of German-Jewish parents, attended school in Brooklyn and graduated from Cornell University. Frank moved to Atlanta and at the age of 23 became Superintendent of the National Pencil Co. Factory, owned by his uncle Moses Frank. Now six years later, Frank was considered to be a very successful young Jew around Atlanta. He had just been elected President of the Atlanta Chapter of B’nai B’rith.


Physically, Frank was an unimpressive man — nervous, of medium height, narrow shoulders, a long sharply pointed nose, very thick lips and sharp shrewd eyes. Frank, acting the factory big boss, was a fussy little executive — his eyes were so weak he wore spectables [sic] with extraordinarily thick lenses, that gave him a grotesque appearance. Reporters who later interviewed him described Frank as a cold and egotistical man whose personality repelled them. (Does this not describe today’s average Jew?)


At the coroner’s inquest, Miss Nelly [sic] Pettis told how she came to the factory to collect her sister-in-law’s pay [and] she swore that Frank pulled out the cash box, winked at her and said, “How about it?” Nelly replied, “I’m a nice girl.” Frank persisted and Nelly walked out of the office and told Frank, “go to Hell.”

Another young woman told how Frank tried to close the door after he got her into the office. Though she prevented this, he got close to her and “put his hands on me, barely touching my breasts.” Other girls working in the factory testified that Frank would look into the girl’s dressing room where they changed clothes and he tried to get familiar with Mary Phagan while she worked at her machine.


Robert P. House, a special policeman in Atlanta’s Druid Hills section, said he had followed Frank and a young girl into the bushes near a swampy place.

When he approached, the young man jumped out and said, “I don’t want you to see the girl. I admit that we that we [sic] came here for immoral purposes. Please don’t make a case against us or arrest us. It would disgrace us both.” The kind officer let them go.

Other stories were:

That Frank got another under-age girl employee pregnant and shipped her off to the House of Good Shepherd in Cincinnati to have her baby. That Frank kept lewd pictures. That Frank was homosexual and preyed on his defenseless young office boys. Also it came out the the [sic] Jewish Talmud strictly forbade the defilement of Jewesses but condoned the ravishing of Christian girls.


The Babylonian Talmud is the Jewish holy book, used in the training of rabbis, taught in the synagogues by the rabbis and studied by the Jews from an early age until death. A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin, but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God, rants the Talmud (Seper or Israel). “Even the best of the non-Jews should be killed.” — Abbodah Zarab, 26b, Tosepboth

“When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.” — Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D.

“Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” — Midrasch Talptoth, 225-L.

A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.” — Nadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 34B.

This was the man Mary Phagan faced when she entered the building at 12:00 noon to pick up her little pay envelope. Another employee, Miss Monteen Stover, swore that she too went to Frank’s office at approximately 12:05 and found it empty. She waited five minutes and left. Where was Frank in the deserted factory building, and where was poor little Mary Phagan? At 1:10 P.M. Frank locked the building and went home for dinner. At 3:20 P.M. Frank returned to the factory and remained there until Newt Lee, the Negro night watchman, arrived at 4:00. Frank rubbed his hands nervously and sent the Negro off telling him to return at 6 P.M.


Frank admitted it only took 30 minutes to make up the company books — why was he stalling the night watchman? Why was he hanging around the empty factory — ON A HOLIDAY? At 6 P.M. Frank went to leave the building when he was met by Newt Lee and Bill Gantt (A discharged employee who returned for 2 pair of shoes he left in the building). Frank jumped back — startled at the appearance of the two men. Frank reached home at 6:30 — he phoned watchman Lee “in order to see if everything was OK.” No one answered, so Frank again called at 7 P.M. — still no answer. Finally, at 7:30 he reached Newt Lee on the phone. Lee told him everything was alright.


Frank’s in-laws held a card game in the home that night — Frank was to[o] upset to play [so] he read for awhile and retired to his bedroom early.


At 3 A.M. night watchman Newt Lee went to the basement to use the restroom. In the dim grey of his lantern he saw something in the corner. Were his eyes deceiving him, did some devilish boys throw something into the basement to frighten him (after all, this was a holiday)? Inching closer, the terrified Negro let out a shrill scream and dashed out of the cellar to phone the police.

The detectives crept toward the still form. One look was enough to convince the police that the child must have put up a terrific struggle against her attacker. Her face was dirty, so bloodied and scratched, so seamed and pitted by cinder fragments that it was almost impossible to tell whether she was white or black. Her underclothing had been ripped and was smeared with blood, urine and other substance. Her nostrils and mouth were choked with cinders as though the killer had dragged her by the feet with her head down along the basement floor, grinding her face into the cinders, perhaps to still her cries. There was also a hole in her head as if she were struck with a crushing instrument. Blood had oozed out of the gash and was matted in her hair. There was blood on her undergarments and a hose supporter had been ripped loose from her corset. Dr. H. F. Harris prosecution medical witness found the child had suffered some strange “violence to her sex organs.” In a far corner of the cellar lay one of the little girl’s shoes, in another part of the cellar her hat. It had been stripped of the flowers and ribbons that had so gaily adorned it. The flowers were gone, so was the silver mesh bag and her $1.20 pay which Frank had given her.

The body was lying upon an ash heap with her arms crossed. A piece of her under garment was around her neck and a packing rope was imbedded deep into the flesh of her dainty white throat. Her face was dark purple, her eyes bulged and her tongue protruded from her mouth.



Dr. Harris’s examination of the process of food digestion found the death time to be about 12:30 in the afternoon.


On August 4, Jim Conley, the factory sweeper testified that on certain days Frank has asked him to “watch the door for him.” Explaining, Conley said “Mr. Frank would have young ladies up in his office. Frank had told me, “Jim, there will be a young lady up here to chat with me in a while and I want you to watch the door while we are up there. I want you to do like you always do. When the lady comes up, if I stomp my feet on the floor, you go and lock the front door. When you hear me whistle, you go and unlock the door and get back somewhere. On April 26, Miss Mary Phagan entered the building at noon and went up the stairs. Then I hears and thought that two people was coming from the office and going to come down the steps but I heard the footsteps all past the head of the steps and go back towards the metal room and after a little while I hear a lady scream back there — THEN EVERYTHING WENT QUIET AGAIN.”

“Next Miss Monteen Stover come and she come on in and went up the steps. Well, this Monteen Stover come on down and everything was quiet and then I heard somebody tip-toeing from the back of the building towards the head of the stairs on the second floor, sounded like they was kinda running on their toes when I heard somebody go back towards the metal room on their tiptoes and about that time I dozed off.”

(Editors Note — The following is the true facts as pieced together from Frank’s admissions and evidence of blood spots on the metal room floor and hair found on a near-by machine.)

At 12:00 noon Mary Phagan causiously [sic] entered Frank’s office and timidly asked for her $1.20 weeks pay. Frank got out the cash box and gave her the envelope. Mary then asked, “Has the metal come?” If it had not, Mary would not work on Monday. Frank knew the metal for the pencils had not come — but he answered, “I don’t know.” Frank knew that this answer would send the child back to the metal room to find out if she had to work on Monday. Frank followed the girl, his satanic mind took over and in the metal room he struck. Mary screamed and fought back. Frank lunged at her and her head hit a machine. She fell to the floor semi-conscious. Frank heard steps and went back to see Miss Stover leaving after finding Frank’s office empty. Returning to Mary, he performed his bestial perverted acts on the little child. The child was still alive after the choking from the undergarment. Frank then took a rope and snuffed out the little girl’s life.

(Editor’s Note — following is a return to Jim Conley’s testimony.)

“I waked sometime later. I heard Mr. Frank stomping on the floor was what woke me. I locked the door like he done told me to do when I heard him stomping, finally he begin to whistle and I unlocked the door and went up the stairs. He stood at the top, just a shivering and a rubbing his hands together and he had a cord in one hand. His eyes were large and he looked funny, his face was red-like. He asked me if I saw the little girl come up the stairs. I said yes — he told me I would never see her go back down. He said he tried to be with her and she tried to stop him. He guessed he hit her too hard. “Jim” he says to me, “you know I ain’t made like other men.”

“On last Thanksgiving Day, I first saw he wasn’t made like other men. I had seen him in a position like no other man who has got children. The lady was sitting his office chair that time. I also seen him on other occasions, once in the packing room with a woman lying on the table.”

“Frank told me to go and bring Miss Phagan down to the basement. I saw the little girl was dead and wrapped her in bagging and we carried her downstairs. He told me to take the body far to the back and dump her in the saw dust pile. I half dragged her through the cinders on the floor. Back in the office, Frank was nervous. He took out a role of bills. “Jim, I’ve got lots of money saved up, that fat wife of mine wanted to buy an automobile but I wouldn’t do it, I’ve saved my money.” Frank told me he wanted me to come back to the building after lunch and burn the body. He gave me the $200 to hold. Then he took it back. I thought he wanted to count it, but he kept the money he had given me. He jumped up and clapped his feet together and said, “Why should I hang? I’ve got wealthy folks and they’ll take care of me.” He told me to keep my mouth shut and everything would be alright.

Jim Conley left the building — the got drunk and never returned that afternoon to burn the little body for Frank.

The trial was long, organized Jewry moved in. Never before in American history had Jewry allowed one of her sons to go to the gallows, especially with Frank being President of Atlanta B’nai B’rith. The highest priced lawyers were brought in. New York’s famous Burns Detective Agency was hired to prove Frank innocent. First Frank said the white man who came after his shoes did it. Next he said Newt Lee the night watchman did it. But the jury unanimously said Frank did it and Judge Roan sentenced him to hang until dead. The Jews were not to be counted out yet. They appealed to higher courts, started mass defense rallies in Chicago and New York. Even Jewish groups marched and protested for Frank in London, Paris and Tel Aviv. “The New York Times and other Jewish newspapers and magazines joined to denounce this “discrimination and hate in Georgia.” Finally they lost their appeal, but Money Power still could buy Frank’s life. The night before Frank was to be executed the out-going Governor, John M. Slayton [sic] commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment, meaning a parole in a few years.

Georgians were shocked, as were all true loyal Americans everywhere. Was Jewish money power to triumph over Justice? Was an honest trial by jury to be subverted? Were murderers of little Christian girls to go free just because they are Jews? Were they who blasphemously call themselves “The chosen people” be allowed to bribe public officials and defy the will of our people? Georgians answered NO! One hundred and fifty men gathered in the dark glow of the moon, over the grave of Mary Phagan. Kneeling before her tomb they organized, “The Knights of Mary Phagan.” It was in Marietta, Georgia her birthplace, where she was laid to rest in the city cemetery, that white men swore Justice would be done. All over Georgia Knights of Mary Phagan lodges were formed.

On August 16, 1915, five automobiles and 25 men pulled up to the Milledgeville State Penitentiary. Swiftly but quietly they went about their work. The telephone wires were cut so that no warning could go out, guards were hussled off and locked up. Frank, shocked at seeing native American Justice carrying out the will of the Jury, protested as he was hauled off. The next morning in Marietta, Ga., 150 miles from the prison, Leo Frank was finally hanged. World Jewry mourned and cursed the State of Georgia. The people had triumphed over Jewish high pressure, Jewish money power and a sell-out Governor, bought off with Jewish finance.


Today Georgians face more treason, subversion and sell-outs, bought and paid for by Race-Mixing Jews. The President of the NAACP is the Jew Arthur Spingarn. The leader of CORE sit-ins is the Jew Marvin Rich. The Atlanta Race-Mixers are Jewish Anti-Defamation League head, Art Levin and the Jew who owns half Atlanta Ben Massell and Rabbi Rothschild along with many other conspirators who meet weekly at Atlanta’s Jewish Community Center. Who are their stooges, first Mayor Heartsfield and Chief Herbert Jenkins who win office every election by only 4 or 5 thousand votes, provided by Atlanta’s highly organized Jewish community.

Just as Gov. John M. Slayton sold out to the Jews in the Leo Frank case, Gov. Ernest Vandiver has taken the Jewish bribe and turned our children over to race-mixing without a fight. Vandiver turned the State Police against the White people of Athens and protected the Negroes from the people. Vandiver swore there would never be any Race-mixing in Georgia, but the power of Jew money subverted the will of our people and through Vandiver the Jew has forced the Negro upon our children. The Jew Leo Frank tried to use the Negro night watchman to take the blame for his rape and murder of Mary Phagan. Jew race-mixers are today using the Negro to rape and destroy our pure White children. The Jew again has us fighting the ignorant Negro, when it is the Jew who has all along been mastermin[d]ing this crime against all of our White womanhood. The Jew despises our race and seeks to force us into submission by mongrelizing our people with the black race. Just as the Jew worked our little children in their sweat shops of Mary Phagan’s day does he now seek to enslave our entire White race of people. He wishes to force us down into low degeneracy of the Negro, while the Jew remains safe and segregated behind the ghetto walls of his Jewish Community Center, his private all Jew schools, fraternities and clubs. Just as it was the Jew, not the Negro who destroyed Mary Phagan, it is the Jew who today seeks to snuff out the very life and existence of our people. The Jew is the satanic enemy of the White Christian way of life.

If you are a loyal White American and want to learn more of this problem, write the National States Rights Party, P. O. Box 783, Birmingham, Alabama.

If you live in Atlanta or Marietta phone Mr. Robert Bowling (457-5441) and we will tell you what you can do to keep our schools White and save your child from race-mixing!



Robert Bowling of Atlanta, Ga., Chairman of the “REMEMBER MARY PHAGAN COMMITTEE” placed flowers on the little girl’s grave recently. His newly formed group vowed to push an education campaign to keep alive the memory of this little girl and the purity which her very being represented. Mr. Bowling reported that the inscription on her grave reads:

“In this day of fading ideals and disappearing landmarks, Little Mary Phagan’s heroism is an heirloom than which there is nothing more precious among the old red hills of Georgia.”

“Sleep Little Girl sleep in your humble grave, but if the angels are good to you in the realms beyond that troubled sunset and the clouded stars, they will let you know that many an aching heart in Georgia beats for you and many a tear from eyes unsued [sic] to weep has paid you a tribute too sacred for words.”

The monument was erected by the Marietta Camp #763 of the United Confederate Veterans.

Mr. Bowling will begin a program for the beautification of the grave site and announced pilgremages will be made regularly to the grave in City Cemetary, Marietta, Georgia.

All wishing to help in this program may phone Mr. Robert Bowling in Atlanta at 457-5441.

The Thunderbolt: Special Georgia Edition, February 1961, Issue No. 26