Uncle of Frank, Near Death in Far-Off Hospital, Is Ignorant Of Charges, Against His Nephew

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Journal
July 30th, 1913

Moses Frank Has Been Given No Inkling of Circumstances That Now Are About Frank Family—He Is Seriously Ill in German Hospital

Lying at the point of death in a hospital in far-off Germany is the uncle of Leo M. Frank, unknowing that for the last three months his favorite nephew has been imprisoned on the charge of murder and that today he is on trial for his life.

This is what an attorney for the defense says. He declares that uncle how regarded Leo Frank almost as his own son, has been too ill for many months to be given an inkling of the new circumstances about the Frank family and that he still believes his nephew is as he left him.

For a long time Moses Frank has been in bad health. In search of relief he went abroad, hoping that the treatment of European specialists would cure him. But Moses Frank grew worse instead of better, and on the day Mary Phagan was murdered he still was in Europe, while grave fears were entertained for his recovery.

They have been afraid to tell him about his nephew, apprehensive that the shock would cause the spark of life, already so feebly burning, to flicker out.