August 18, *2013*, This Day in Jewish History, One Hundred Years Ago Today on August 18, *1913*: Climax of the Epic Southern Trial of 20th Century in Atlanta, Georgia, Leo Frank Mounted the Witness Stand and Made an Admission that was Delicious Irony!

Leo Max Frank, Twice President of the B’nai B’rith Chapter of Atlanta, Georgia, First Term: September, 1912 – September, 1913. Second Term: September, 1913 – September, 1914.

21st Century Time Travelers of the Imagination Presents: The Leo Frank Trial Transcript from Official Legal Records and Atlanta Newspaper Accounts in 1913

Today on August 18th *2013*, one hundred years ago today in the ‘Fulton County Superior Court’ of Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday, August 18, *1913*, during the afternoon session of open court, the most deliciously ironic, newfangled admission, was delivered orally by Leo Frank, seated on the witness stand. What Leo Frank testified to the jury, was witnessed by more than 200 spectators, and when he explained why his office had been empty between 12:05pm and 12:10pm on Saturday, April 26, 1913, it would leave everyone in the courtroom involuntarily shivering as cold chills spilled down their spines.

The audience sat in the Box VIP seats of the most inflammatory, notorious and sensational trial in Southern legal history, waiting with titillating anticipation for the main event!

At the beginning of the third week of the month long trial, when the clock struck 2:00 o’clock pm, the honorable Leonard Strickland Roan’s court was called to order. The judge explained the rules of circumstances about what was about to happen concerning Leo Frank opting not to be either directly examined or cross examined by defense and prosecution counselors, but instead make an unsworn oral statement to the jury. At 2:15pm, Leo Frank mounted the witness stand to make his four hour speech to the court prepared from a hand written notes that he had put together with the help of his wife over the last two weeks. What Leo Frank stated to the jurors was stenographed into the official record (Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 1913).

Travel back in time with us as we explore the Leo Frank Trial (July 28 to August 26, 1913) for the murder of Mary Phagan, presented by The American Mercury Magazine online. As 21st century observers, looking back on the Leo Frank trial transcript and events in the courtroom, this case will be explored and analyzed without all the prevailing racist anti-Gentilism, Jewish paranoid self-deception, tribal neurosis, and ethnoreligious myopia. It is in this incendiary trial and ultimately its verdict the Jewish community refused to accept, that B’nai B’rith responded by organizing the nefarious, ‘Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith‘, known as ADL, whose official founding date is October 20, 1913.

Jewish Media Domination Waging One Century of Cultural Genocide Against Western Civilization:

While the Leo Frank Case was wending its way through the State and Federal Appeals Courts, the Jewish controlled mainstream media waged an ugly newspaper war that used the Leo Frank verdict as an anti-Gentile blood libel against the South, specifically Georgia. Since 1913 the Jews have remained unrelenting in agitating against European-Americans with newer forms of media expression in an all-out, but undeclared genetic racewar that has been smoldering for millenia. Today a Jewish pedophile and child strangler has become an idol of the Jewish community, held up as an innocent martyr of Anti-Semitism and American injustice. So, fasten your seatbelts, we are traveling back in time to 1913 Atlanta and going find out what really happened.

Never Before Published Trial Transcript:

Experience first hand, out in the open, all the formerly censored details concerning the violent assault, sadistic pedophile rape, vicious strangulation and disfiguring mutilation of Mary Phagan by Leo Frank, that gave birth to the organized Anti-Semitism Lobby. The ADL has for a century smeared and defamed American patriots and critics of Israel’s Apartheid state as: prejudiced, bigoted, anti-Semites, haters, extremists, racists, bigots and Neo-Nazis. We will also be exposing the ADL’s anti-Gentile hate crime hoax and blood libel about Southerners allegedly chanting, “Hang the Jew” and “Kill the Jew” outside the courtroom where the windows were kept wide open as the trial was being conducted.

We the American people demand a public retraction and sincere apology from the ADL for this manufactured fraud perpetuated on their web site, and published in the mainstream media, constantly repeated by Jewish domestic extremists who perpetually re-quote each other: Every re-telling of the Leo Frank Case by Jews stating Leo Frank was innocent, convicted because of anti-Semitism, jury intimidation and that the real killer of Mary Phagan was Jim Conley the chief accuser. Often when Jews state that Leo Frank was posthumously pardoned in 1986, they usually fail to mention it was forgiveness without exoneration of the murder and based on a technicality, but Why? Find Out for the First Time in 100 Years!

The Old City Hall Where the Leo Frank Trial Was Held on the First Floor

Introduction to the Leo Frank Trial: One Hundred Years Ago Today the Leo Frank Trial Began.

Week One of the Leo Frank Trial:

Week Two of the Leo Frank Trial:

Leo Max Frank Circa 1913

GET READY FOR THE BIG SURPRISE! Leo Frank mounts the witness stand

Week Three of the Leo Frank Trial:

Leo Max Frank Circa 1913

The Final Week of the Leo Frank Trial:

Closing Arguments of the Leo Frank Trial: As published in Atlanta newspapers during the last week of August and re-published again years later in American State Trials Volume X, 1918, By John Davison Lawson, LLD. (see references below)

American Mercury presents the Leo Frank Trial Closing Arguments:

Verdict and Judgment by the Jury (August 25, 1913) and Judge (August 26, 1913), Respectively: Was Leo Frank convicted because of anti-Semitism as the Jewish community has been stating for more than 100 years? Let’s find out!


The American Mercury Magazine, Centennial Analysis of the Leo Frank Trial July and August, 1913, 2013.

Leonard Dinnerstein’s Pseudo-History on the Leo Frank Case, almost 50 years in the making (1963 – 2008):

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100 Arguments Leo Frank is Guilty:

Three Atlanta Newspaper Dailies, 1913:

The Atlanta Constitution Newspaper from 1913 to 1915 about the Leo Frank Case:

The Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from April though August, 1913:

The Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to the Leo Frank Case:

Trial Brief, 1913:

Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 1913.

Georgia Supreme Court Records:

The Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records, 1913, 1914 About 1,800 pages.

Closing Arguments and Lynching of Leo Frank:

American State Trials Volume X, John Davison Lawson, LLD, 1918

Jewish Racial Supremacist and Jewish Domestic Extremists Masquerading as Civil Rights Group and Absolutely Silent About Israeli Apartheid and Crimes Against Humanity in Israel:

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Officially Founded on October 20, 1913

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Other News….

100 years ago . . .

In Friday, Aug. 22, 1913 edition of the Marietta Journal and Courier, there was a front page story regarding the now famous murder of Marietta’s Mary Phagan and the trial of her accused killer, Leo M. Frank. The story reported how Anna Benton, the 73-year-old grandmother of Mary Phagan, had died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Coleman in Atlanta. Mrs. Benton had been in Atlanta to be present at Frank’s murder trial. On the second day of the trial, “grief and incessant worry over the death of her granddaughter” caused her to take to bed “from which she was never able to rise.”

In Friday, Aug. 29, 1913 edition of the Marietta Journal and Courier, there was a story reporting that Leo M. Frank was found guilty of murdering Mary Phagan of Marietta and sentenced to hang on Oct. 10 by Judge L.S. Roan. The story reported that 4,000 people were in demonstration around the court house when the verdict was announced.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – MDJ Time Capsule 22nd and 29th of August 1913