Caught Frank With Girl in Park, He Says

Caught Frank With Girl in Park

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Georgian

Sunday, May 11th, 1913

Robert T. House, a Special Policeman, Gives New Evidence to City Detectives.

In the evidence obtained Saturday in the Mary Phagan case, one piece that the detectives regard as the most important bore on Frank’s alleged conduct when he was in company with a young girl in Druid Hills Park.

The new evidence came from Robert F. House, a special policeman, who is in the employ of the Druid Hills Land Company. House declared that he had ejected a man from the park at one time from whom he obtained damaging admissions.

House visited the county jail and was taken to the cell of Frank. He identified Frank as the man whom he sent from the park. House told the officers that since reading of the Phagan murder he had recalled that the man he ejected from the park told him that he was superintendent of the National Pencil Company.

Came Frequently to Park.

The park guard related that the incident to which he referred occurred more than a year ago. He said that he had noticed the man come frequently to the park with the girl. When they appeared one afternoon shortly after 2 o’clock, he said he was determined to shadow them. He followed them and then suddenly surprised them by jumping into view. Continue Reading →