Presenting the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913) and Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records (1913, 1914):

Travel down the timeweb to the fall of 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia, you are now a Georgia Supreme Court Justice!

How would you rule on Leo Frank’s petitions and appeals, in essence upon his conviction, based upon the official record presented to you? Would you leave undisturbed the verdict rendered against Leo Frank for the Murder of Mary Phagan?

The 1,800 page elusive Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Case Records, 1913, 1914, that contains within it the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913), has been published for the first time here on ‘The Internet Archive’ @ – officially released on Friday, April 26, 2013, the centennial of Mary Anne Phagan’s Murder, the bludgeoning, rape, strangulation and mutilation of a teenage girl so long ago on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, at the National Pencil Company on 37-41 South Forsyth Street in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Leo Frank was lynched or hanged (depending on who you ask) nearly 28 months later at dawn on August 17, 1915, in a sylvan grove belonging to Sheriff William J. Frey.

What you will find in this mega archive is information never before seen or published in any book on the Leo Frank Case in the last 100 years. With the once elusive records that are now open to the public on the centennial of the Mary Phagan murder, we are calling on the citizens of the United States to render a 21st century decision: Either overturn the conviction and generally support the popular culture manufactured over the generations, or leave undisturbed the verdict of guilt rendered against Leo Frank that was sustained by every level of the American Judicial System. Or is their a third path? Connivance.

Look for information about alleged bite marks on Mary Phagan’s neck and shoulder (first mentioned in 1964 by Pierre van Paassen), do they exist? Were Oney, Dinnerstein, Alphin, Golden, Wilkes and other students of the case correct about these bite marks existing? Are they reported in the three daily newspapers (Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Journal & Atlanta Georgian), the trial testimony (Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 318 pages, 1913), the appeals records (Georgia Supreme Court Case Records, 1,813 pages, 1913, 1914), the autopsy reports? Other than Pierre van Paassen, is there really any proof these bite marks existed?

Also available on ‘The Internet Archive’ is the elusive Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (BOE, 1913), separate from the Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Case Records (1913, 1914), this too has never before been published online, until it was published for the first on ‘The Internet Archive’ — what is the verdict after you read the BOE?

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled the testimony and evidence presented at the Leo Frank trial was sufficient to sustain a verdict of guilty. Were they correct or anti-Semitic conspirators & murderers? Read the 1,813 page Georgia Supreme Court records, sift them and find out. Is there anything about biting in there? Did the Georgia Supreme Court make the correct decision when it left the verdict of guilt undisturbed? Read it.

The Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records (1913, 1914) and Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 1913: