Phagan Mystery Club Examined by Experts

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
July 24th, 1913

Report Says That It Has Been Sent to Northern City to Be Put Under Microscope.

That the bloody club found in the National Pencil factory after the murder of Mary Phagan is in some northern city undergoing microscopic examination after having been inspected by local experts, is a rumor that prevailed at police headquarters yesterday.

Upon being examined by an Atlanta expert, who, it is said, declared that it would be impossible to determine whether or not the blood spots were from animal or human, the weapon was sent north for more minute examination. Frank’s lawyers will not discuss the rumor.

There are a number of blood spots on one end of the stick. It is several inches in length and more than an inch in diameter. It is round and the same size of the regulation rolling pin used to move heavy boxes and objects. The spots are dim and barely discernible.

Chief Lanford, in discussing the discover, said that the Pinkertons, in finding the club and turning it over to attorneys for the defense, had violated their pact with the police department, as the find had never been made known to anyone at headquarters until word of it was published Tuesday.

The report of a bloody glove, apparently having been worn by a young girl, having been found in the pencil factory, was also in circulation Wednesday.