Numerous Witnesses Called in Frank Case

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
July 29th, 1913

List Indicates That Prisoner Is Prepared to Put Character in Evidence.

Numbers of witnesses were summoned to court by both sides and when the names were called so that all could be sworn it developed that scores of Leo Frank’s friends had been called upon. From the fact that there is not a possibility of one in this number knowing anything of the crime, it appears that the defense has made preparation, at least, to put Frank’s character in evidence and has secured these of his friends to testify for him.

Of the number of Frank’s close friends and brothers in his fraternal order it is expected that several will be used to support the claim which it is expected will be made that a card party was going on at his house on the night of April 26. By this means an alibi for a number of hours might be proved.

Witnesses for State.

The following witnesses for the state among whom appeared no new names were called:

J. W. Coleman, stepfather of the murdered girl; Mrs. J. W. Coleman, the mother of Mary Phagan; George W. Epps, a newsboy; Police Sergeant L. S. Dobbs, City Detective J. N. Starnes, W. W. Rogers, a court bailiff; City Detective Harry Scott, City Detective B. B. Haslett, E. F. Holloway, M. B. Darley, William A. Gheesling, Dr. Claude Smith, city bacteriologist; Dr. J. W. Hurt, coroners physician; Dr. H. F. Harris, president of the state board of health; E. L. Parry, E. S. Smith, Miss Monteen Stover, Albert McKnight, colored; Minola McKnight, colored; Miss Helen Ferguson, Mrs. Arthur White, L. Stanford, B. B. Barrett and B. S. Smith.

Witnesses for the Defense.

In the list of names for the defense called out by Attorney Stiles Hopkins appear the following:

F. Segidly, Annie Hixon, Mrs. Levy, Mrs. Josephine Selig, Emil Selig, H. J. Hensey, R. H. Haas, W. H. Mincey, J. T. Speer, E. F. Skipper, E. L. Sentell, Mae Barrett, C. H. Carson, Mrs. Rebecca Carson, Harry Denham, Harry Gottheimer, Miss Corinthia Hall, Miss Hattie Hall, Mary Burke, Lemmie Quinn, Herbert J. Schiff, Ella Thomas, C. B. Gilbert, Frank Payne, Eula Flowers, Alonzo Mann, Joseph Stegar, Ike Strauss, J. C. Loeb, L. J. Cohen, Emma Bibb, Mrs. Bessie White, Joe Williams, Wade Campbell, William McKinley, J. E. Lyons, Dora Lavender, M. O. Nix, Jerome Michael, Mrs. M. G. Michael, George W. Parrott, Mrs. W. W. Myer, Rabbi Marx, William Taylor, Mrs. Beatrice Taylor, Fred Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eisenbach, Carl Wolfsheimer, Ed Montag, J. D. Fleming, T. T. Brant, Flossie Shields, Dora Small, Mrs. R. Freeman, Charles Leak, Mrs. Ike Strauss, Mrs. T. J. Cohen, Milton H. Cleveland, Julia Fuss, Walter Pride, J. C. Matthews, W. B. Bowen, M. W. Meyer, A. E. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Marcus, A. E. Haas, Ike Haas, Leonard Haas, Leopold J. Haas, William Montag, Ike Hirschberg, A. B. Levi, Burt Kauffmann, Robert Schwab, Otto Schwab, William Rosenfield, Sidney Levi, Louis Elsas, J. C. Gershon, George Gershon, Walter Rich, B. Wildauer, Sidney Levi, Sol Samuels, Arthur Heyman, C. B. Dalton, Nelson Jenkins, Isaac J. Haas, J. T. Speer, E. S. Skipper, E. L. Sentell, Arthur Haas, W. D. Owen, D. Y. Branch, Herbert Haas, Leonard Haas, Jake, Ed, William and Adolph Montag, Oscar Pappenheimer, Bert Fox, Charles Adler, Sam Boorstin, Max Silverman, Sam and Sol Cronheim, Alex Dittler, Max Wilensky, Marcus Loeb, Leo G. Strauss and Armand May.