Miss Mary Perk Tells Jurymen She Believes Conley Is Guilty

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
August 16th, 1913

Miss Mary Perk, a forelady in the polishing department of the pencil factory followed Mrs. Carson to the stand.

“Do you know Frank and his general character?” she was asked by Mr. Arnold.

“Yes, for five years.”

“Is it good or bad?”

“Do you know Jim Conley?”

“I saw him Monday. I accused him of the murder and he tucked his head and walked away.”

“Is his character good or bad?”

Mr. Dorsey on cross-examination.

“You reported your suspicion of Conley to Frank on Monday, didn’t you?”

“What made you suspect Jim?”
“He acted like he was guilty.”

“To whom did you first report your suspicion?”
“To Mr. Rosser and Mr. Arnold.”

“Can you explain why you didn’t tell of your suspicion to Frank when you saw he had Pinkerton detectives at work on the case?”
“I just didn’t think it best.”

“Have you ever known of Frank being accused immorality?”

“Did you know Mary Phagan?”

“Ever see Frank go over and call her off to one side?”

“Ever see Frank scuffling with her?”

“Ever hear of Frank slapping girls?”

* * *

Atlanta Constitution, August 16th 1913, “Miss Mary Perk Tells Jurymen She Believes Conley Is Guilty,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)