Leo Frank Innocent, Said Conley, According to a Girl Operator

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
August 16th, 1913

Mrs. Dora Small, a machine operator for the pencil factory, was the last witness of the afternoon session.

“How long have you been working with the factory?” she was asked by Arnold.

“For five years.”

“Did you know Mary Phagan?”
“Only when I saw her.”

“Did you know Jim Conley?”
“Yes, I saw him the week after the murder.”

“Did you see him with newspapers?”
“Yes, he borrowed money from me to get them with.”

“Did he look like he was reading them?”
“He was reading them.”

“How was his coat?”

Said Frank Was Innocent.

“All buttoned up plumb to the collar.”

“Did he say to you that Frank was innocent?”
“Yes, he said Mr. Frank was as innocent as I was.”

“How long have you known Frank?”
“For five years.”

“What was his character, good or bad?”
“Good—I never met a more thorough gentleman.”

“Ever been drinking in Frank’s office?”
“Indeed not.”

“Do you know Jim Conley’s character?”

“What is it, good or bad?”

Cross-examination by Dorsey.

Got Raise Four Months Ago.

“When did you get your last raise?”
“Four months ago about.”

“Did you see Frank on the fourth floor on Tuesday after the tragedy?”
“Yes, I saw him coming down the aisle with Miss Carson.”

“Was Jim Conley around?”

“Yes, he was sitting over by the elevator.”

“When did you last talk with the counsel for Frank about this matter?”
“I don’t remember. My mind is a blank on the subject.”

Mrs. Small, upon questions from Solicitor Dorsey, stated that she was led to the metal room to see the supposed blood spots out of pure curiosity.

“Did you see any blood spots?” asked Dorsey.

“No, sir. They had been chipped up. There was something white, like face powder, on the floor around the chipped place.”

“Did Mrs. Carson go with you to the metal room to look at the blood spots?” again asked Dorsey.

“Yes, she went with us.”


* * *

Atlanta Constitution, August 16th 1913, “Leo Frank Innocent, Said Conley, According to a Girl Operator,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)