International Jew Study Hour, April 26 Anniversary of Mary Phagan’s Rape-Strangulation: How Jews use Shaming and Guilting Words Anti-Semite and Anti-Semitism to Racistly Attack Gentiles

Decoding Anti-Gentilism and Anti-Semitism of the Leo Frank Case, 100 Years of Review

Upon the centennial of Mary Phagan’s rape, strangulation and mutilation long ago on Georgia Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, two pioneering spirits: Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott, debunk some of the major themes of anti-Gentile racism, claims of anti-Semitism and racist Jewish hatecrime hoaxes concerning the Leo Frank case. Multigenerational Jewish Academic Dishonesty (JAD) efforts have been relentlessly conducted by the well organized Jewish community beginning in 1913 and continue to this very day. For more than one hundred years, Jews have been publishing scholarly articles claiming Leo Frank is innocent, but using fallacious evidence to support their claims that does not stand up to 21st century scrutiny. Furthermore, the way Jews utilize this fabricated pseudo-history to re-write history is cite each others research until hundreds of Jews have spun this web of lies in peer reviewed journals for generations, thus eventually the quoting-each-others-lies becomes the “scholarly” popular culture orthodoxy. The poisonous Jewish pathological war of lies are then, as now, being used for anti-Gentile attacks against researchers that disagree with their conclusions. The weapon most often employed by Jews in these regards is the anti-Semitism, neo-nazi and national socialist canard. If Gentiles of the planet earth are going to liberate themselves from Jewish control they must seize back control from the occupiers of their own history. This Jewish-American culturewar is ultimately a life and death struggle for Gentiles against their traditional genetic enemies.

“He who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future” –George Orwell, 1984.

Jewish-American Genetic Race War in the Mainstream Media and Popular Culture:

Since 1913, through every kind of outreach and sensory medium available to the mainstream media and popular culture (scholarly articles, newspaper articles, books, movies, music, theater, drama etc..), Jews have been using the Leo Frank case to wage a vicious guilt and shaming culturewar against White Americans in its traditional multifront genetic racewars against Western Civilization. However, the good news is that this monumental and disingenuous centenarian Jewish fraud manufacturing campaign, now spanning more than 100 long years, has finally been deconstructed, thanks to numerous researchers who have worked tirelessly over the past few years to bring the frank truth to everyone about what really happened in 1913. Five years ago (2010) if you did research on the Internet about Mary Phagan, the only sources that would show-up on the search engine results pages go on to web sites alleging anti-Gentile conspiracies of Jewish race prejudice and an unfair trial for Leo Frank. Now in 2015 there is finally some balance for people to read both sides of the case. Take a look at the scholarly articles on The American Mercury about the Leo Frank case to learn what really happened more than 100 years ago. Subversive Jewish organizations like ADL and SPLC are attempting to conflate the articles about the Leo Frank case on The American Mercury with anti-Semitism, National Socialism, Hitlerism and Neo-Nazism.

Gentile Liberation Requires a 100 Year Audit on All Jewish and Pro-Frank Sources About the Case Since 1913

Fight Back and Join our struggle to regain control of our history. The next 100 years must and will be devoted to educating the human race about the innate nature of their Jewish pathological tendencies to compulsively lie and studying how they falsify history by the strategy of quoting and re-quoting each others mendaciously fabricated research, all to create a fake historical consensus over the generations that Leo Frank was innocent, didn’t have a fair trial and anti-Jewish conspiracies were “behind it all”.

We are calling on you to help us do a very deep fact checking audit of all major books written about the Frank-Phagan affair over the last 100 years. Please help us and join our efforts.

We can fight back by giving students and educators access to the primary sources of the Leo Frank Case to fact check the claims about Jewish falsification of their own history and ours (Gentiles). By studying the secondary sources of this case from the last 100 years and comparing them against the primary sources of the case, students will gain a multigenerational education about the collective Jewish genetic algorithm and how it produces high-intelligent, high-functioning, pathological liars and tribal paranoiacs with obsessive-compulsive and fragile egos. Students will study how Jews aggressively transform history to be falsified into an “us verses them” formulation that strokes their infantile racial-narcissism and perpetuate their disingenuous persecution and noble victimhood.

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