Haslett Describes Visit to Home of Leo Frank

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
August 1st, 1913

Detective B. B. Haslett, who went with Detective John Black on Monday morning, April 27, to Leo Frank’s home to summon him to police headquarters for a statement Chief Lanford wished him to give, was next called to the stand.

“Did you go to Leo Frank’s home at any time?” the solicitor asked.

“Yes. At 7 o’clock Monday morning we were sent to see Frank and have him come to the detective bureau.”

“What did you tell him?”
“That Lanford wanted to see him.”

“Do you know whether he was liberated or not?”


“When you got to police headquarters with Frank, who did you see?”

“I went directly out of the building, returning in an hour and finding Attorneys Haas and Rosser.”

Attorney Rosser began the examination.

“What time were Haas and I at police headquarters?”

“About 8:30 o’clock.”

“Wasn’t it later?”

“I don’t think so.”
“Whatever time it was, Haas also was there?”


“You told Frank at his home that you wanted him to go to the station house?”

“I told him Chief Lanford wanted him to make a statement.”

“How long did you see Frank and me at police station?”

“I don’t know.”

“How many detectives were there?”

“About a half dozen.”

“A half dozen standing around Frank?”

“Yes. You and Frank were in their office.”

“You said you ‘took’ Frank to police station. What do you mean by ‘took.’”

“I said he went with us.”

“What do you mean by ‘took,’ I asked you—that’s what you said.”

“He went with us. I don’t know how you call it.”

He was then called from the stand.