Frank’s Attorneys Make No Comment

Frank's AttorneysAnother in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Journal

Saturday, May 24th, 1913

Neither L. Z. Rosser Nor Herbert Haas Had Any Statement to Make

“Not a word to say,” was Attorney Luther Z. Rosser’s comment when informed by a Journal reporter that his client, Leo M. Frank, had been indicted by the grand jury for the murder of Mary Phagan.

Mr. Rosser held in his hand a Journal extra telling of the affidavit by the negro, James Connally [sic], that on the day before the tragedy Mr. Frank called him into his (Frank’s) office and asked him to dictate two notes, and that he believes the notes he dictated are the same ones found beside the murdered girl’s body in the pencil factory basement.

Asked if he would permit The Journal to interview Mr. Frank, Mr. Rosser said he would not.

“I have no statement to make. You’d better see Mr. Rosser,” was the reply of Attorney Herbert Haas when seen a few moments later by the same reporter and informed of Mr. Frank’s indictment.

Mr. Haas is associated with Mr. Rosser in the defense.

He likewise declined to permit Mr. Frank to be interviewed.

* * *

Atlanta Journal, May 24th 1913, “Frank’s Attorneys Make No Comment,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)