August 18, 2015: The Official Five-Year Anniversary of Leo Frank Research Library

Staff from the Leo Frank Research Library was present all day long at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale Queens, New York City, NY, for the Monday, August 17, 2015 centennial commemoration of Leo Frank’s lynching, and we also celebrated later that evening with a pre-party for the official five-year anniversary of our own official archive launch date (August 18, 2010 – August 18, 2015). Mazel Tov, Happy Anniversary!

See our photos taken at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale, Queens, NYC on August 17, 2015 at the Jewish ADL’s Centennial commemoration of Leo Frank’s lynching: The event was given official gravitas by involving the city council (see: event advertisement, programme and proclamation photos).

On our fifth anniversary (2010-2015), we ask each and every one of our dear readers this salient question:

Is the official Leo Frank trial testimony, evidence, and exhibits “murky” as some “Frankites” like Steve Oney and Bill Kinney have been suggesting through various media outreach efforts during August of 2015?  Before you answer this question, please read our analysis of something Leo Frank had said to his trial jury, while he was seated on the witness stand, delivering his four-hour statement during open court on Monday afternoon, August 18, 1913. 

What does Frank’s statement suggest given its context?

Now, gentlemen, to the best of my recollection from the time the whistle blew for twelve o’clock until after a quarter to one when I went up stairs and spoke to Arthur White and Harry Denham, to the best of my recollection, I did not stir out of my office; but it is possible that in order to answer a call of nature or to urinate I may have gone to the toilet. Those are things that a man does unconsciously and can not tell how many times nor when he does it…

Did Leo Frank confess?

Our Five-Year Celebration

The domain name was purchased for $9 in January 2010 and remained dormant for six months. Half a decade ago — as of this writing — in June of 2010, the Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library had begun its nascent evolution in the form of a newly installed WordPress script called “Thesis.” After two months of feverishly slapping together some rough draft introductory articles and putting together a basic image gallery, we decided to go public. Our official launch date was August 18, 2010. We considered this grand opening date significant because it was the same day Leo Frank gave orally his hand written trial statement to the jury almost one hundred years prior (97 years to be exact).

At the time of our early beginnings, we never foresaw that our future affiliated website and article network would eventually receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, but five years later, we achieved one of many progressive traffic milestones, finally breaking seven figures, or to be more precise: 1,053,547 page views. Astounding!

Our efforts ironically succeeded thanks in part to Jewish censorship efforts against our website, which forced us to rapidly adapt by thinking in new ways we never would have considered otherwise (Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push by Paul Berger, August 20, 2013, Jewish Daily Forward; 100 Years Later, Anti-Semitism Around Leo Frank Case Abounds by ADL leader Abraham Foxman, August 23, 2013, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith; and NEO-NAZIS BEHIND LEO FRANK PROPAGANDA SITES by Mark Potok and heidi beirich, November 20, 2013, Southern Poverty Law Center).

Articles attempting to conflate opposing conclusions from the central Judeo-revisionist narrative with neo-nazism and anti-Semitism by hyperethnocentric Antigentile Jewish activist organizations is generally perceived by the intelligent part of the public as desperately absurd. In an attempt to stifle freedom of speech, academic debate and unbiased inquiry into the Leo Frank case, Jewish supremacist groups like the ADL, SPLC and Jewish Daily Forward have been at the forefront of asserting disingenuous and contradictory statements about the evolutionary development of Leo Frank case historical research aggregates that have arisen on the Internet post 2010.

The Jews are beginning to lose domination over the narrative of the Leo Frank case, because their Antigentile canards, racial epithets, agitprop bias and tropes are beginning to have an opposite effect than their intended usage and purpose.

Jewish Censorship Efforts Resulted in the Proliferation of Formerly Suppressed Evidence

We owe our greatest gratitude largely to dozens of scholars who wrote articles about the Frank-Phagan affair based on the primary sources we uncovered and published online. The citing of our website (back-links) within their numerous articles and bibliographies boosted our search engine rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing to the first page results for many relevant keywords associated with the case. Once our website began hovering on the first and second page of Google for keyword variations of “Leo Frank,” we started receiving hundreds of unique visitors a day on average. On major dates like the anniversaries and especially the pivotal centennials we received thousands of unique visitors per day. Our affiliated websites have received hundreds of thousands of page views on the Frank case articles they produced and published.

Now that Jewish censorship efforts have taught us many Internet marketing secrets, we must ask ourselves: Do we coast on our success or climb to ever higher Gideon plateaus?

Anti-Gentilism and Jewish Censorship: How It Unfolded

After anti-Gentile Jewish activists tried and failed to pressure our domain registration company and ISP to shut us down, we realized we had no choice but to diverge in our media reach and publish our research on high-traffic websites from 2012 to 2015. Had the ADL and SPLC not tried to get our domain registration company and ISP to close down our website, it would have never occurred to us that we should recruit dozens of people to completely rewrite our research analysis by polishing the treatments for distribution on a broad range of high traffic websites. The irony of treacherous Jewish efforts to suppress and censor ‘The Leo Frank Research Library’ is that our response of republishing our scholarly analysis on half a dozen other sites, resulted in those articles having received more than 100,000 views and the negative comments on them were clearly from irritated and frustrated Zionists who were upset that a full century of Jewish lies were slowing falling apart like a teetering house of cards. Nothing seems to cause Jewish people more exasperation and begrudging self-deception than facing the reality that their entire self-written history is built on pathological lies.

Special Thanks to Abe Foxman, Mark Potok, Heidi Bierich and Morris Dees for their censorship efforts to suppress research that fact checks the false narrative of organized Jewry

Thank you ADL, SPLC, and other racist Jewish supremacist activists for your un-American and anti-Gentile machinations inadvertently causing us to discover the best marketing secret in the universe: professionally rewrite content and publish it on some of the highest traffic Internet websites for maximum reach! We never would have known this if it weren’t for both your overt mendacious behavior, and underhanded scheming.

We are grateful to your Antigentile Jewish organizations for teaching us that when we upload politically incorrect videos to YouTube, followed by Jewish activist individuals and groups responding by successfully pressuring Google to have the items deleted, that we should upload those same censored videos to the top one hundred video-sharing websites. You see before, it was on one video-sharing website (YouTube), and Zionists then had it deleted through pressure, and from there thinking they (Jews) had won the day. Then, out of the blue (surprise!), the censored videos blossomed on one hundred more sites. The result? The video received more traffic than it ever could have hoped for on YouTube alone. From here on out we will use web sites like to download videos and share them as a bulwark against the Jewish war against the U.S. constitution and first amendment.

Thank you Jewish supremacists for teaching us the greatest secrets of guerilla marketing. You’d better hope that other politically incorrect fellow travelers who have experienced this kind of Jewish pressure don’t figure out the amazing solutions described above.

The Next Five Years

If we are going to continue this momentum, then we must proactively recruit more writers and editorial teams who can produce high-quality treatments of every type (books, booklets, audiobooks, radio programs, magazines, journals, periodicals, pamphlets, business cards and newspaper articles) and then make these new, developing, and professional works available on the top one hundred most visited self-publishing media, blog, vlog and article sharing websites.

More than ten thousand articles have been written in the past century about the Leo Frank case propounding the Frankite partisans’ fraud based positions of grotesquely exaggerated Jewish persecution allegations, anti-Gentilism, lying by omission, anti-Gentile blood-libels, misrepresentation, and fabrication. We seek to provide a counterbalance to this anti-Gentile Jewish supremacist culture war by acquainting people of all races, religions, and creeds with the uncensored truth of this amazing and tragic story.

Narrative Warfare

If we are going to change the artificially manufactured historical consensus based upon Jewish pathological lies that have been forced relentlessly into academia and popular culture for many generations, we must recruit no less than one hundred professors, scholars, authors, journalists, film producers, and concerned citizens to push back hard by producing new professionally written articles, books, audio programs, and videos for the mainstream popular culture consumption and academic peer-reviewed journals. These works should both debunk the enduring falsifications and propound all the facts in their context that have been suppressed for more than a century.

We Need Your Help!

We ask you, dear reader, to assist our efforts. Purchase each and every book about the murder of little Mary Phagan and the Leo Frank case to fact-check the narratives contained within them: from each sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter all the way to the bibliography. Gather all of the sources, citations, references, and so forth mentioned in these works, and study those items to see if they can be fully verified for reliability– we intend to publish the results and hope a great body of research will survive for future generations to continue this struggle to take back our history with truth from the Jewish Supremacists.

We implore you to help us conduct a 100+ year deep audit and analysis of everything ever written about this affair since 1913. We request that you take the time to explore our website thoroughly and acquire the extant books we discuss from or for these long-term research endeavors. All the verifiable errors must be meticulously uncovered in these books and released for public awareness, and as already stated, new materials must be written, providing all the formerly censored facts and evidence in a cogent manner. We must take back the narrative. Please help us to create study lessons to help people discover and uncover the false hoods in the Frankite version of the case.

International Reach

In the next five years, we would like our materials to be downloaded, translated, and published everywhere in non-English speaking countries to inform millions of people around the world using rich media in the form of discussion threads, scholarly articles, college level books, e-radio programs, and interactive videos about this famous case that is in fact relatively unknown outside of the United States of America, except in Israel. The Leo Frank musical parade has been featured all over the world, so more people than ever before are more aware of this case and if curious will likely do research on the Internet about it. We must provide them with educational resources in their respective languages.


And no matter what ultimately befalls this library — because nothing lasts forever — we aspire to at least create an impact that will send enduring ripples across the oceans of time and space for future generations. We have no misconceptions that our library will survive forever given the relentless attacks by anti-Gentile Jews and the climate of anti-Gentilism they have created against alternative viewpoints, politically incorrect worldviews, jewish wise opinions and awakened paradigms, but we can, in our limited lifetime, be the foundation for others to produce annotated books that will survive the test of time. We hope that the definitive book on the Leo Frank case will arise from this website before it is gone forever in the years to come. We hope that someday on Amazon and Ebay, there will be books and magazines with alternative viewpoints than the anti-Gentile monolithic Jewish narrative.

Rich Media Presentations

If we are going to achieve the power to reach the minds of generations to come, then professional audio-visual productions should be published in the mainstream media. Only then can we expose the echoing pathological lies of the affair and the Jews’ use of this fictionalization to create consensus in the war for narrative dominance by quoting and citing each other’s academic dishonesty. So think of this website as a means for planting seeds of truth across the Earth. Let this website destroy itself in the same way an acorn annihilates itself to become a mighty oak. Let that mature tree produce 10,000 seeds. We plan to incubate those acorns of truth in every city, state, province, and nation in the world. Please help in our efforts and also promote us on social media.

Social Media and World Languages

We are battling the overwhelming Jewish narrative warfare on a shoestring budget, and this is but one line of defense against their offensive onslaught, which is multifront. You can aid us by educating people regarding the facts that have been suppressed, fabricated, or manipulated by Leo Frank’s defenders since 1913 through social media, especially: Facebook and Twitter (look for other popular social media as well). We intend to encourage people to write articles about this case in other languages and translate existing ones from English to all the languages spoken around the globe, so other peoples from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds can learn about the ethnocentric Jewish occupation of Gentile history in Western Civilization. This will also give people the opportunity to learn how the Jewish strategy works of getting paradigms into the mainstream as social-political orthodoxy.

Text Search Engine Dominance

If you searched on the Internet five years ago (2010) or prior for information about Mary Phagan and Leo Frank, 99% of the results, no matter how many pages deep you perused, would be sympathetic Jewish sources presenting the case with exaggerated claims about the unfairness of Frank’s trial, his supposed wrongful conviction and his “innocence”. Times have changed, beginning in 2013 and especially now in 2015, we are increasingly seeing competing ideas. For relevant keywords about the case (“leo frank,” “mary phagan,” and other variants about principals of the case), our website and others born from our research, regularly hover on the first or second page of search engine results pages (SERPS) on the three dominant search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which together as an oligopoly or cartel, account for 99% of market share for all text-based searches in the Western world. Ordinary people are coming to their own definite conclusions about Leo Frank’s guilt or innocence after reading the Jewish approach of obfuscation and creating doubt which is based on Antigentilism verses the Gentile position which is based on reasoned analysis of the facts, evidence and testimony.

Image Search Engine Dominance

If you enter any high-relevance keywords about Mary Phagan or Leo Frank in these search engines and click on the images tab, a large percentage of the results link back to our library or affiliated sites. Many of the dozens of new articles written about the Leo Frank case are exposing anti-Gentile frauds by anonymous academics and journalists who have been emboldened to debunk the century of Jewish lies, by utilizing the vast research of this website. We may have only scratched the surface of awakening the masses at least from the perspective of our hereditary enemies, but we are still turning the tide.

The Future of the Internet is Video

We must dominate the video sphere if we want to win the narrative war and take back our history. That will take a Herculean effort. Transforming this great body of knowledge into a video series will take a lot of hard work and time to get it done right. It will take many years and thousands of man hours, but we must do it as more people turn to audiobooks and video for their education. Many people have less patience for reading than in generations past, so we must harness new forms of rich media.

Library Growth

A very special thank you to everyone who promoted this website on social media and to the curious students of history and law who took the time to learn about this fascinating true-crime murder case. On our fifth anniversary (August 18, 2015), we are proud to announce that we have made more than 10,000 pages available of primary source materials about the case from the two year period between 1913 and 1915, including recently discovered documents, photos, facts, evidence, exhibits, affidavits, and testimony never before uncovered by scholars and journalists.

The 1,800-page Leo Frank Georgia Supreme court records we released on the Internet are uncharted territory for students of the Mary Phagan murder mystery, and we are pleased to be the first to bring these elusive documents to the Interweb for your research efforts. We are looking forward to transforming it from high resolution photos into text and then audiobook format in the next five years.

Mary Phagan Scholarship Funds

Our mission has always been to build the world’s foremost educational library about this famous criminal case for students of history and law, this has been successfully achieved during the double centennials of Mary Phagan’s murder and Leo Frank’s hanging (2013 and 2015, respectively), but our work is still far from complete. We intend to continue our development of this superb place of higher learning and establish scholarship funds for college students, university professors, historians, journalists, and educators to conduct research, write scholarly papers, and publish them in academic peer-reviewed journals. These scholarship funds will be focused for research and publication exposing all the exaggerations, falsehoods, plagiarism, and academic misconduct perpetuated for more than one hundred years about this case by Frank’s defenders.

Anti-Gentile and Anti-Gentilism Established by Repetition: 

We are up for the task: It might take one hundred years and thousands of researchers to fact-check everything that has ever been produced about the case by Jews and their sychophantic Gentile allies. We believe that if these findings are publicized, exposing pseudo-scholars who actively fabricate history and plagiarize each other’s *perjurous* retelling of legal history, it will provide a great service to humanity.

How Jews Control History

The Jewish theme of creating census is now more obvious than ever in the 21st century thanks to OCR scanning and computer analysis. Jews cite each other in favor of exalting Jews as noble persecuted victims and defame Gentiles as part of vast anti-Semitic conspiracy. This history of anti-Gentilism is going to be fought against ferociously by new coalitions of awakened Gentiles.

Help us to bring the words Antigentile and Antigentilism into the mainstream, use them whenever they accurately apply to Jewish individual or group machinations that are deleterious to Western Civilization.

Kevin MacDonald was Right

For one hundred years, the strategy of the Jewish community has been to utilize all manner of fallacious manipulation, no matter how obviously unfounded, in their efforts to perpetuate the myth that Leo Frank was “Falsely Accused, Wrongfully Convicted and Wantonly Murdered” (according to Rabbi Steven Lebow of Marietta, Ga). Jewish activists over the decades continue to use the web-of-lies strategy by quoting, citing, and then regurgitating each other’s academic dishonesty to create historical consensus within academia, popular culture and for mainstream media consumption. We are seeking students of the Leo Frank case to uncover this entire web of lies from 1913 to 2015 and begin publishing the detailed analysis of this Jewish criminal conspiracy everywhere on the Internet and for new generations to continue to do so for the centuries to come. We want to give people the tools to uncover this kind of behavior.

He Who Controls the Present Controls the Past. He Who Controls the Past Controls the Future.

We must take back our Gentile history, so we are calling for a one-hundred-year audit of everything released about this famous murder affair, and in a wider sense, everything written by Jews in the 20th century about anti-Semitism. It must be meticulously fact-checked to ascertain and discredit all the embellishments, biases, slanting, misrepresentations, fabrications, lying by omission, academic dishonesty, falsifications, plagiarism, rumor creating, defamation, slander, bigotry, prejudice, and academic misconduct. We will chart a new course in history by debunking all their collective pseudo-scholarship about Jewish-Gentile history.

Brainstorming for the Next Five Years

1. Release more of the legal records of the case and transcribe them so they can be easily searched with text based engine software, including the 1,800-page Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court legal records, which are currently only available as high resolution image slides as of 2015. We also plan make these once elusive documents into an audiobook. This will take enormous efforts to achieve.

2. Publish more primary sources of the case from the years 1913 to 1915, including national newspapers, journals, magazines, and periodicals that are no longer in copyright, as the years go onward. We would like to acquire more of the original primary sources from libraries around the country. So far, we have acquired a museum-quality collection of original newspapers, magazines, and books. We will make this collection available at some point in the future to anyone who wishes to do a traveling exhibit about the case.

3. Create scholarship funds for students and professors to fact-check every book and article about the Leo Frank case ever produced from 1913 to 2015 and then publish the results widely of the fraudulent claims they discover. We are looking to recruit one hundred researchers for this fact-checking effort.

4. Transcribe the Georgia newspaper articles from April to August of 1913 published about the case contained in the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Journal, and Atlanta Georgian, so they can be easily keyword searched. After transcribing these Atlanta newspaper articles from the spring and summer of 1913, they will be turned into an audiobook.

5. Transcribe the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence so it can be easily keyword searched and transform it into an audiobook.

6. Convert the Case of Pinkerton Detective Agency versus National Pencil Company brief of evidence (1916) into text and an audiobook, currently we only have photographs of the pages and rough OCR scanned text that needs editing.

7. Produce professional high production value documentaries, films, and videos about the Leo Frank case, unmasking the one hundred years of Jewish lies and all the facts of the case they suppressed. For every professional video, film, documentary, miniseries, and Broadway musical, we need to produce at least one of these same items to uncover and expose Frankite lies. We want to create a South Park parody of the case and a Monty Python-style comedy, complete with British actors with varying regional English accents to poke fun at the Jews.

8. Start a national campaign to contact all the African-American professors in the United States and recruit them to research, write, and publish articles about the case, especially on the optics of Jewish racism, bigotry, and prejudice that is rarely acknowledged by them. For instance, a great deal of proof is available regarding the fact that Jews falsely accuse James “Jim” Conley of the crime with fallacious evidence, and the rarely discussed subject that Leo Frank tried to frame two of his black employees for the murder he was convicted of (one of them being the African-American Newt Lee). There is a lot of Jewish racism to be found in the Leo Frank case, and we would like to see hundreds of articles written about the anti-Gentilism of this affair by Black scholars. We intend to take back control of our Gentile destiny from the Jewish occupiers and expose them as an inborn race of paranoiac egomaniac pathological liars.

9. Help to elect people to the Georgia Legislature who can make official statements overturning the illegal Leo Frank posthumous pardon and stop new efforts to exonerate him. The 1986 posthumous pardon of Leo Frank must be fully revoked, nullified, and permanently overturned. The Governor chooses the members of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, we want members elected who will overturn Leo Frank pardon which is a travesty of injustice given that he was a convicted sex killer. And we want an official apology from leaders in the Jewish-American community for the century of racist lies being propounded by Jewish activist professors, academics, and journalists spreading their bigoted anti-Gentilism blood libel about the case.

10. Create a Mary Phagan park somewhere in the greater Metro Atlanta region, with a placard saying something along the lines of

“Mary Phagan (1899-1913) was a child laborer in Georgia, who was bludgeoned, raped, strangled, and mutilated by her sadistic killer the 1913 Atlanta B’nai B’rith president Leo Max Frank the Toilet Strangler, a Jewish serial rapist-pedophile who had sexually abused many of the pre-teen and teenage girls who worked for him at his industrial sweatshop. When Leo Frank was arrested, he attempted a racist anti-Black plot to frame his African-American employee, the nightwatchman Newt Lee, but when that failed, his attorneys turned on Frank’s accomplice-after-the-fact James “Jim” Conley who partially helped the police solve the murder. For more than one hundred years, racist activist Jews and their organizations have been perpetuating anti-Gentile pathological lies and promulgating anti-Gentilism as a smoke screen for the epidemic of pedophilia in the Jewish community and the occupation of our government, legal system, media and educational system by Jews.”

11. Find a legal way to repudiate the racist claims on the monument at the Mount Carmel Cemetery that the ADL put there that falsely accuses Gentiles of anti-Semitism. Each anti-Gentile sentence on that monument needs to be fully repudiated. Find a legal remedy to have the sign near Leo Frank’s lynching repudiated for its falsely accusing Leo Frank’s trial and hanging as being fueled by anti-Semitism. We want the historical monument at the grave of Mary Phagan to mention that Leo Frank was not officially absolved of the murder and mention the Jewish supremacists behind these efforts.

12. The historical markers for the principals of the Leo Frank case, located in Georgia, all revised that falsely accuse anti-Semitism as the reason for Frank’s conviction.

The Leo Frank Case in a Wider Context: Jewish Evolutionary Strategy.

The Flower of Womanhood

In the years surrounding the turn of the 21st century, leading up to the double centennial of this sensational double murder (2013, 2015), an inflammatory rebirth of the Leo Frank case has inspired Jews to use it for dividing, guilting and shaming Gentiles even further over their past of seeking to protect the woman of their race and preserve the continued survival of their heritage, traditions, genealogy, and recessive gene pool. Jewish activists should be seen for what they are: JewisHIV+ Viral extremists who are waging a DNA war, on a genetic algorithm level, by attacking natural instincts of White and European-American solidarity as evil and irrational. For one hundred years Jews have been associating White ethnoconsciousness with the Frank case for their deracinating propaganda efforts to misrepresent the case’s legal records and distort history of the American past with new “social justice warrior” SJW paradigms. Jews must be seen as being genetically coded to behave like HIV the virus that destroys the immune system. Jews are using the Leo Frank case to destroy our White immune system so we can not fight back with an immunal response. We are doing just that with this website, fighting JewisHIV+.

1913: The Birth of the Jewish Culture War against European-Americans

The year 1913 marked the start of quiet, slow terminal decline for the United States of America, resulting from the birth of the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. In 2013, we have reached the point of no return, where we can do nothing to avert the death of the West. Unless of course we organize, fight back and take back control our history, government, media, education system and country from our parasitic occupiers.

Since 1913, Jewish lobbies and activist groups have steadily expanded in number and power. In 2013, the Federal Reserve quietly bankrupts the United States with fiat currency that lost 99% of its original value from one hundred years ago. The Jews have so much power in congress they can get enough U.S. Senators to block an audit of the Federal Reserve. With convoluted income tax laws having escalated to infinitely higher levels of complexity than they were one hundred years ago, and endless wars for Israel in the Middle East squandering the U.S. treasury, as well as American blood – we need a great awakening amongst the people. The power of Jewish lobbies has grown to transnational superpower proportions, enabling them to control U.S. Congress and manipulate both domestic and foreign policy, which means they ultimately influence at some significant level many if not all international politics in the United Nations.

Step Back in Time

Concerning 20th century U.S. legal history, the Leo Frank trial, beginning on July 28, 1913, is considered one of the essential criminal proceedings defining Southern history, it sparked a Jewish-Gentile social, political, and cultural hostility that evolved into something immeasurable a century after the execution of Leo Frank on August 17, 1915. August 17, 2015 the mainstream media has been deluged with articles perpetuating Antigentile narratives that go unchallenged, but that is all about to change. For every book written that is pro-Frank, we intend to counter it with a book exposing the Jewish lies and letting people know what really happened – the same applies for every video and newspaper article the Jewish supremacists create. We must ensure that all alternative media sources provide a counter balance of truth to Jewish perpetuated fallacies.

The Leo Frank case became an aggressive political and social front, allowing a dissenting minority of Jews to subvert the majority population of Gentiles. Their concerted and insidious virulent war of entropy against Western Civilization that saw a historical peak in 1913, has achieved its ultimate success in 2013: European-Americans are now at the point of no return, where they can no longer vote themselves out of a multicultural society that will reduce them to minority status in 25 years and genetically displace them in less than one hundred years. And because the U.S. government is too powerful and pervasive, with some of the most advanced military technology in the world, no armed conflict by revolutionary insurgents could ever hope to overthrow the U.S. Jewish occupied government known as ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). That leaves only the political process left, and because only a tiny fraction of Whites feel a sense of tribal racial conscientiousness, organizing them is a promethean task. Building a broader coalition of Universal nationalism seems to be working, and therefore working with other peoples united against Jewish supremacy we can win the day.

In Mary Phagan’s Honor we Call for a White Baby Boom Every Generation

A White baby boom to reach 10 billion is going to take not less than 100 years and potentially up to 200 years. This option must be incorporated as a long term plan because is too slow in the short term, so the only option left is to awaken the whole world, to unite the whole world against the Jews and this option is viable because tribalism is hard wired in all people. Let White Nationalism Die the death that it needs, and for Universal Nationalism to be born, and lets create a world where Jewish Internationalism is impossible and is vanquished from the face of the Earth forever.

If Western Civilization is going to survive into the 22nd century, it must become genetically conscious and seize the reigns of its own evolutionary destiny, or a slow burning revolution culminating in World War III, the death of the West in its final conflict with multiculturalism, and a second Holocaust of Jews in the eight digits will arrive well before the 21st century ends. We have a duty to avert this disaster and taking back our history must become an imperative.

For more media inquiries and interviews use our contact form.


Photos at the Anti-Defamation League’s Leo Frank lynching centennial at Mount Carmel Cemetery on August 17, 2015: