Drop Ninth in Police Scandal

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

The Atlanta Georgian

Saturday, July 5, 1913

Charges Preferred Against Another Patrolman and Suspension Is Near.

Atlanta’s police scandal was revived Saturday by the preferring of charges against another member of the police force. His suspension by Chief of Police James L. Beavers is expected to follow within a few hours.

The subject of the accusations is the ninth policeman involved in the scandal. Chief Beavers would not make public the man’s name until formal order of suspension was made.

The charges against the majority of the policemen are they they frequented the notorious negro resort in the rear of 127 Auburn Avenue and that certain of the men were in the habit of drinking there. The place has no license and one of the officers, against whom there was no evidence of drinking, was charged simply with permitting the place to run without reporting it.

With the preferring of the ninth set of charges came the information that R. A. Wood, the policeman who tendered his resignation as soon as the story of his alleged visits to the resort was made public, had sold all his household belongings and moved from the city.

Officers who went to serve notice of the trial before the Police Commission next Tuesday night were met with the information that he had moved with his family to Texas.

* * *

The Atlanta Georgian, July 5th 1913, “Drop Ninth in Police Scandal,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)