Col. Felder Confirmed His Offer in a Midnight Conversation by Telephone, Says A. S. Colyar

Colonel Felder Confirms

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Journal

Friday, May 23rd, 1913

A. S. Colyar has given to the police the following affidavit:



Personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the above State and County, A. S. Colyar, who being duly sworn says:

“At 11 p. m. on May 18th, 1913, I called ttelephone [sic] number Ivy 3508, which is the phone of T. B. Felder’s residence on the Howell Mill Road, about seven miles from Atlanta, and after waiting several minutes, some one finally answered the phone and lasked [sic] the question, ‘Is Col. T. B. Felder there?’ and the party on the other end replied, ‘This is Col. T. B. Felder.’ And I asked the question again, ‘Is Col. T. B. Felder there?’ and he said, ‘This is Col. T. B. Felder,’ and I said, ‘Colonel, since I saw you tonight, I have got on to another piece of evidence,’ and he said, ‘Oh, is that so,’ and I said, ‘Yes, I have found where they were trying to back up Coleman’s affidavit,’ and he said, ‘ Is that so?’ and I said, ‘Yes, there is a man under indictment or will be indicted and they have promised this man that if he will swear he heard J. W. Coleman refuse to employ you, they will have his case nol [sic] prossed [sic] and thrown out of court,’ and I then said, ‘Now, Colonel, if I get this evidence up by tomorrow and hand it to you tomorrow night, will you be ready to give me the thousand dollars in cash?’ and he said, ‘Yes, sir; I will have the money to hand you when you hand me the papers.’”


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 31st day of May, 1913.


Notary Public Fulton County, Georgia.”

* * *

Atlanta Journal, May 23rd 1913, “Col. Felder Confirmed His Offer in a Midnight Conversation by Telephone, Says A. S. Colyar,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)