Carl Hutcheson Again Attacks Chief Beavers

no-place-for-a-strangerAnother in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Journal

Wednesday, May 28th, 1913

Calls Rim [sic] “a Contemptible Liar” and a “Pig Head.” Chief Asks for That List

Attorney Carl Hutcheson renewed his attack on Police Chief Beavers Wednesday when he gave out an open letter referring to the chief as a “malicious and contemptible liar,” a “pig head,” and asserting that he didn’t have “enough brains in his head to rattle in a gourd after the water was turned off.”

Mr. Hutcheson objects to the chief’s reference to him as “small fry” and “only a cog in the gang machine.”

The first open letter written by Mr. Hutcheson appeared in The Journal Tuesday afternoon. It was addressed to both Police Chief Beavers and Detective Chief Lanford. Mr. Hutcheson declared in this letter that the chiefs should be removed from office because, as he alleged, immoral houses were being operated on Spring, Ivy, Pryor and other streets, without police interference.

Mr. Hutcheson, in his first letter, announced that he had the addresses in his possession which he would furnish to the chiefs if called upon to do so within three days.

Late Tuesday afternoon Mr. Hutcheson called up Chief Beavers and inquired if the statements published in the newspapers in which he (the chief) was quoted as referring to him (Mr. Hutcheson) as “small fry” and intimating that his (Mr. Hutcheson’s) attack had been inspired by Colonel Thomas B. Felder was correct.

The chief says he informed Mr. Hutcheson that he did not care to discuss the matter with him over the telephone, but that what he really wanted was for Mr. Hutcheson to furnish him with that list of disorderly houses; that he wanted the names and addresses of the women who conduct them; that he wanted Mr. Hutcheson to definitely state whether these women were of lewd character and that he wanted Mr. Hutcheson’s signature to the list.

According to the chief, Mr. Hutcheson replied by stating, “That will come later all right.” This, said Chief Beavers, ended his telephone conversation with Mr. Hutcheson.


Following is Mr. Hutcheson’s second open letter to Chief Beavers:

To J. L. Beavers, Chief of Atlanta Police:

Of course I am “small fry,” but if you had enough brains to rattle in a gourd after the water was “turned off,” you would know that “great things come in small packages.”

I presume that a certain judge-elect of a certain superior court district thought I was a “small fry” when I said in an interview that I had the “goods” on him to invalidate his election, but he is out Mr. Chief. I don’t care a tinker’s damn, whether you remain in office or not, but I intend to show up you and your hypocrisy the public believes that I am correct.

You refer to me as one of the cogs in the “gang.” You, dear chief, are a malicious and contemptible liar.

As to your reference to the Henderson hotel charges against certain of your officers:

You went to the proprietor of that hotel, acknowledged the mistake of your men, you apologized vociferously to the proprietor for the error, and you know that you did. Not only that, but you issued orders to the various watches of your force to be very careful in future before they made raids.

The hotel was vindicated and your officers made asses of themselves and your office.

This will do for you, you pig head, for the present.


Atlanta, Ga., May 28, 1913

* * *

Atlanta Journal, May 28th 1913, “Carl Hutcheson Again Attacks Chief Beavers,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)