Burns Eager to Solve Phagan Case

Burns Eager to Solve

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Georgian

Monday, May 19th, 1913

Famous Detective Expected to Arrive From Europe and Start Work Before June 1.


Important Revelation Looked For To-day—Search Being Pushed With Renewed Vigor.

Colonel Thomas B. Felder announced Monday morning that he had received word from William J. Burns that he would arrive in America before June 1 and would probably be on the scene of the Phagan slaying before that date.

Colonel Felder said the great detective had taken an unusual interest in the Phagan mystery and he would not be surprised to hear from him in America any day soon.

“Burns is more interested in this case than I have known him to be in another,” said Colonel Felder. “I am advised that he will hasten his return from Europe on this account and be in America some days before June 1. He will, of course, come direct to Atlanta.

“The meantime developments since his investigator has been here are more than satisfactory. The Burns detective convinced Mr. Dorsey Sunday afternoon that he had touched upon heretofore overlooked evidence of importance, and in his report today we expect valuable information.”

Search Grows More Active.

With investigation into the mystery more active Monday than it has been at any time during the last two weeks, the Solicitor was hopeful that important developments would be made during the day.

The special representatives of the Burns agency was reported to have struck upon an important and heretofore overlooked clew that throws a new light on the case. He will make a definite report at 11 o’clock this morning at the office of the Solicitor, when it is not unlikely some announcement will be made.

Colonel Felder, the Burns detective and Solicitor Dorsey discussed the case for several hours Sunday at the home of Colonel Felder. The conference was to acquaint the Burns man with the progress in the case by the other detectives and to obviate the necessity of personal examination of a number of witnesses.

Want Case for Grand Jury.

No announcement would be made following the conference, but the Solicitor was hopeful that developments this week would enable him to present the case to the Grand Jury Friday in clear and concise form.

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Atlanta Georgian, May 19th 1913, “Burns Eager to Solve Phagan Case,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)