Boycott: Sun Sentinel Newspaper, A Bastion of Racist Jewish Extremism

Journalist, David A. Schwartz, at the Sun Sentinel, is falsifying the legal history of the the Leo Frank trial, that occurred long ago in Atlanta, during the summer of 1913. Schwartz published pathological lies from ADL member, Lonny Wilk, who spoke about the case during a talk-back session after a showing of the disingenuous and subversive musical ‘Parade’. ADL’s Lonny Wilk, like many other anti-White activists, are claiming the pedophile Leo Frank, was convicted of raping and strangling his 13-year-old employee Mary Phagan, because of anti-Semitism, not the facts. The false accusation that Leo Frank was convicted because of anti-Semitism is a racist, anti-Gentile, judicial mockery and hate crime hoax of generational magnitude, traditionally perpetuated by Jewish paranoiacs, for more than one hundred years, to slander European-American Southerners. Leo Frank was hanged August 17, 1915, two years after his trial ended with a verdict of guilt, in fulfillment of the judge’s and jury’s death sentence originally rendered against him on August 25 & 26, 1913, at the Fulton County Superior Courthouse.

Leo Frank had appealed his case several times to both the Georgia and United States Supreme Courts, between August 27, 1913 and April, 1915. Every appellate court ruling left his verdict undisturbed and ruled his trial was infact fair in their majority decisions. The Georgia Supreme Court ruled the evidence presented at the trial of Leo Frank was sufficient for a verdict of guilt. Even the corrupt Governor of Georgia at the time, John Slaton, who was part owner and senior law partner of the Law firm, ‘Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips’ in a 29 page commutation decision in 1915, said he was sustaining the verdict of the jury and appeals decisions in his last words of the clemency document, before signing the executive order on June 21, 1915. The ‘Slaton’ in the lawfirm named, that represented Leo Frank during his trial, is indeed Governor John Slaton. This powerful lawgroup was formed by a merger of two separate firms in early July, 1913: Rosser and Brandon (Jew) merged with Slaton and Phillips (Jew).

In 1986, after years of circus-like media publicity stunts using the affidavit of a senile octogenarian, Jewish political pressure and behind the scenes dealings, the racist anti-Gentile ADL was able to secure a posthumous pardon for Leo Frank, but without exonerating him of his guilt for murdering Mary Phagan. What Lonny Wilk, David Schwartz and other racist anti-Gentile Jews fail to tell people is: Leo Frank made an incriminating admission during his trial, while he was seated on the witness stand on August 18, 1913, where he changed his alibi and supposed him directly at the scene of the crime, when the murder occurred in the National Pencil Company’s factory metal room. This fact is often left out of every retelling of the case by Jews, who also fail to mention Leo Frank changed the time of Mary Phagan’s arrival four separate times and was caught in a number of lies about his whereabouts.

Jewish Supremacism is a virulent cancer and Western Civilization’s foremost problem right now, but global efforts to combat this pervasive Jewish hate, bigotry, prejudice and racism are growing.

Please Boycott all advertisers of the Sun Sentinel newspaper.


ADL ‘talk-back’ addresses Frank trial’s anti-Semitism (January 27, 2014|By David A. Schwartz, Staff Writer) The Slow Burn Theatre Company production of “Parade,” the story of the 1913 trial of Leo Frank in Marietta, Ga. and his lynching two years later, shows that bigots and anti-Semites must be exposed for who and what they are, Lonny Wilk, Anti-Defamation League Florida associate director, said Sunday during a “talk-back” with members of the audience at the West Boca Performing Arts Theatre.

“The impact of this story is something that needs to be told,” Wilk said. He implored the audience to tell family members, friends and neighbors about the production and “fill these seats” for the musical that runs through Feb. 9 at the theatre on the campus of West Boca Raton Community High School. Frank, a Jewish businessman from Brooklyn who moved to Atlanta to manage his family’s pencil business, was convicted of the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl who worked at the company factory. After a trial marked by blatant anti-Semitism, Georgia’s governor reduced Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. A mob, which included many leaders of the community, dragged Frank from his prison cell and lynched him.

The Anti-Defamation League was formed in 1913 in Chicago, in part to combat the anti-Semitism displayed in the trial of Leo Frank. “The mission of the Anti-Defamation League was going to be to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all,” Wilk said.


The anti-Semitic message is an important one to get out, audience member Elaine Polack of Boca Raton said.

“I wonder how many people were not aware of the anti-Semitic message,” her husband Rudy Polack said.

Ed Behar of Delray Beach said he stayed for the “talk-back” because “I believe the ADL is a beneficial organization. We need them as an advocate. Unfortunately, things like this can happen again.”

ADL ‘talk-back’ addresses Frank trial’s anti-Semitism

Thank you to a viewer named Reuben for bringing this to our attention on Feb. 9, 2014.