Bloody Club Lends New Clue to Mystery

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Constitution
July 23rd, 1913

Defense of Leo Frank Attaches Importance to Find Made by Pinkerton Detectives.

The discovery of a bloody bludgeon on the third floor of the National Pencil factory has added greater mystery to the Phagan case. It became known yesterday that Leo Frank’s defense is in possession of the weapon and that it will be used as one of their strongest points in the coming trial.

The club is a short, thick stick with small spots of blood at the end. It was found by Pinkerton detectives on May 10 after headquarters detectives had searched every spot of the building for available clues. Luther Rosser, Frank’s counsel, refuses to discuss the find.

The club was discovered only a few feet from the spot at which the pay envelope was found. That it is a prized possession of the defense is indicated by the secrecy with which it had been guarded. Its discovery has created theories pointing strongly to the negro Conley, and it is rumored that the defense will strive to convince the jury that the girl was slain by the club in hands of the negro sweeper.