Beavers in Speech Warns Policemen to Keep Out of Dives

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

The Atlanta Georgian

Thursday, July 10, 1913

Chief of Police Beavers caused a stir Thursday morning when he went before the day watch and addressed the men on their conduct. His talk resulted from the recent scandal in which several policemen were found guilty of visiting a resort in the rear of 127 Auburn Avenue.

“Any man who hangs around a negro dive has no place on the police force of Atlanta,” the Chief said, addressing the men. “If you get positive evidence that any of your brother officers are engaged in discreditable practices and frequenting disreputable places, it is your duty to report it.”

The Chief will make a similar speech to the night and morning watches.

* * *

The Atlanta Georgian, July 10th 1913, “Beavers in Speech Warns Policemen to Keep Out of Dives,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)