All Newt Wants Now is Freedom and a Hat

Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

Atlanta Journal
July 30th, 1913

Now that Newt Lee has more ‘bacca, as he says, “than Mr. Rosser axed him questions,” he needs but a hat to complete his physical comfort, but freedom to set his mind at rest.

Newt’s only hat is a fur cap, which Newt thinks might have made a “ver’ putty Christmas gift when ’twas new, but don’t do much fer July.”

“You see, boss,” he explains, “a straw hat jes’ naturally looks cool, makes yer feel like you had money in your pocket. But there ain’t no use fer a cap and it furry in July.

“Man promised to bring me a hat, but I guess his memory’s bad. Leastways I ain’t seen anything of the hat. But I certainly is proud of de ‘bacca.”

Since Newt told Tuesday how one chew brought him solace after his cross-examination by Mr. Rosser; and how, when he was on the witness stand his thoughts were of ‘bacca, he has been given all sorts and kinds.

He says when he gets out he may take a day off to catch up on “chewing,” and that he would like a nice hat to wear then.