Book Review: Steve Oney, ‘And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank’ (2003)

Steve Oney, Holding an Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, August 18, 1915 Issue   And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank (742 pages) by Steve Oney, published in 2003, through Pantheon Books in New York. The book is available from, and (including many other popular online stores). Background Information on Steve Oney Continue Reading →

More than One Thousand Photographs & Images Surrounding the Leo M. Frank Case on FLICKR.COM

Want to see more than 1,000 images pertaining to the Leo Frank Case then visit: Many thanks to who ever created this vast archive. We have slowly uploaded hundreds of Leo Frank-related images for you on our web site and found thousands more on where someone has built a very detailed Leo Frank mega gallery. We will eventually Continue Reading →

August 26, 2013 is the Centennial of the Infamous Conviction of Child Sex Killer Leo Max Frank for The Aggravated Assault, Child Rape and Vicious Strangulation of Mary Phagan

Over 100 years ago on Saturday, April 26, 1913, inside a dingy, shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated Jewish serial rapist-pedophile viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees who rejected his sexual propositions for the last time. EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE FOR INCOG MAN READERS, By Bob Frapples Mary Anne Phagan, 13 years old in the spring Continue Reading →

Harrell Rhome on the Case of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank

THE MURDER OF LITTLE MARY PHAGAN, A TRUE-CRIME EXPOSÉ By Dr. Harrell Rhome Editor of Gnostic Liberation Front Editing and consultation by Mark Farrell. Updated and enhanced at the advice of researchers at The Leo Frank Research Library The original article appeared in the July 2010 Nationalist Times Newspaper and as a special supplement to the CDL Report newspaper. Continue Reading →

Leo Frank and Other Associated Principals in the Early Print Media of Newspapers and Magazines During the 20th Century, Including the Notable March 9, 1914, Atlanta Constitution, Leo Max Frank Jailhouse Interview Admission Amounting to Leo Frank Murder Confession Number Four.

Clark Howell (September 21, 1863 – November 14, 1936) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American newspaper man and politician from the state of Georgia.  According to Wikipedia: Howell was born on September 21, 1863 in Atlanta, Georgia. During the American Civil War his mother was in South Carolina, while his father, Captain Evan Howell, served in the infantry and commanded Continue Reading →

Donald E. Wilkes, Jr. Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law, Reviews: Leonard Dinnerstein’s Book, ‘The Leo Frank Case’ (1968, 1987, 1999) and Steve Oney’s Book (2003) ‘And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and Lynching of Leo Frank.

POLITICS, PREJUDICE, AND PERJURY Published in Flagpole Magazine, p. 9 (March 1, 2000). Author: Donald E. Wilkes, Jr., Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law. The Leo Frank Case Leonard Dinnerstein University of Georgia Press, 1987, 1999 248 pp., paperback, $15.95 The case of Leo M. Frank, the most important Georgia criminal proceeding of the 20th century, has Continue Reading →

Within the Four-Hour Long Unsworn Leo Max Frank Murder Trial Statement, Delivered on Monday Afternoon, August 18, 1913, Was a Newfangled Admission that Amounted to a Murder Trial Confession; The Revelation Was Made Sometime Between 2:15 PM and 6:00 PM, Maybe 2:45 PM, in the Fulton County Superior Court House of Atlanta, Georgia, During the Month-Long Capital Murder Trial of Leo M. Frank, Charged with Having Strangled Thirteen-Year-Old Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913

Leo Frank posing for Collier’s Weekly. The photo would later become the front cover for the book The Truth About the Frank Case by C. P. Connolly. In the picture, the finger tips of Leo Frank’s left hand are firmly clasped around the base of his cigar, vertically projecting upward from his groin region. The significance of Leo Frank’s left Continue Reading →

The Judicial Conclusion of the Leo Frank Case (1913 to 1915) and it’s Aftermath (1982 to 1986)

What is the official consensus regarding the final legal status of Leo Frank’s innocence or guilt in the case of Mary Phagan? 1. The Coroner’s Inquest (Wednesday, April 30, 1913, to Thursday, May 8, 1913): The Fulton County Coroner Paul Donehoo and six jurymen sworn under oath, visited the crime scenes of the National Pencil Company at 37-41 South Forsyth Continue Reading →

The Biography of Leo Max Frank (Thursday, April 17, 1884, to Tuesday Morning, August 17, 1915) and the Bludgeoning, Rape and Strangulation of Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913, Between 12:05 pm and 12:10 pm, maybe 12:07 pm.

The Leo Frank Affair (1913 to 1915) and its aftermath (1915 to 1986), What Really Happened? Welcome to the Leo Frank Case Research Library Archive, the largest online collection of primary sources concerning the life, and centarian legacy (1915 to 2015) of Leo Frank, who was convicted August 25, 1913, of having strangled 13 year old “little” Mary Anne Phagan Continue Reading →

Leo Frank’s Family Background

It was no mistake that Leo Frank was from good German-Jewish genetic stock, especially given the racially conscious and eugenic breeding patterns interwoven within Jewish history, tradition, and culture. Leo Frank was not only endowed with innate intelligence, but fortunate enough to have been provided with the kind of opportunities and enriching environment he needed to achieve success in life. Continue Reading →

Parade: The Leo Frank Broadway Musical

  A thespian music video by Jo Jo Brown, who sings “It’s Hard to Speak My Heart” from the Leo Frank musical ‘Parade’ (Broadway should hire him, he’s a perfect typecast to perform as Leo Max Frank), JoJo Brown is not affiliated with the Leo Frank Research Library.   Even the ADL Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith promoted showings of Continue Reading →

Post Leo Frank Lynching Analysis by a Leo Frank Defender

Another Modern Analysis:THE OTHER VICTIMS OF THE MARY PHAGAN/LEO FRANK TRAGEDY Post 1915 Lynching. Direct Quote: Lucille Selig Lucille’s cousin Simon founded the Selig Chemical Company in Atlanta. This Company was sold to National Service Company which was once National Linen service, and is still around today. Lucille moved from Atlanta after the Lynching and returned about 6 years later, Continue Reading →

Leo Frank Documentary and Film Review: People v. Leo Frank, Directed by Ben Loeterman and Chief Consultant Steve Oney

People v. Leo Frank (2009) directed by Ben Loeterman and Steve Oney (senior consultant). Please watch, transcribe, and fact-check each segment of this 84 minute, 2009 published docudrama by using the 1913 – 1915 primary sources of the Leo Frank case (legal records and Atlanta newspaper reports) to determine what is fact or fiction. When you have completed this task, Continue Reading →

Luther Zeigler Rosser, August 22, 1913, The Final Arguments of Luther Z. Rosser on Behalf of Mr. Leo Max Frank Charged on May 24, 1913, with having Strangled to Death Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913

Luther Zeigler Rosser (Lawfirm Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips) Brief Introduction to the August 22nd, 1913, Closing Argument of Luther Zeigler Rosser, in the Concluding Days of the Leo M. Frank Capital Murder Trial (July 28, 1913 to August 25, 1913). First, Meet Attorney Luther Zeigler Rosser, Chief Counsel For the Leo M. Frank Defense Legal Dream Team of Eight Continue Reading →

Wikipedia Biased on Behalf of Leo Frank

Leo Frank Research Library Disclaimer: Accusations by Christians, Political Conservatives and non-Jews, claiming Wikipedia is biased, have been widely and vociferously made across the Internet. We will present these conclusions here, but it is up to the reader to decide if these accusations have merit or not, by doing their own research and testing on Wikipedia. Try the wikipedia test. Continue Reading →

Magnolia “Minola” McKnight, State’s Exhibit J, June 3, 1913, Leo Frank Admission Amounting to Alleged (Hearsay) Murder Confession Number 2

Meet the Selig Household Servant: Chapter Entitled “The Black Magnolia” Another shocking crescendo occurred within five weeks of the three-month long Mary Phagan murder investigation and pretrial discovery. After the police were tipped off with what amounted to second, third, and fourth hand reports about the African American Albert McKnight concerning alleged conversations revealed to him by his common-law wife, Continue Reading →

Leonard Dinnerstein, The Leo Frank Case PhD Dissertation, 1966, Leo Frank Case Book (1968 to 2008)

From the scholarly article, “Leo Frank and the American Jewish Community,” published in the prestigious American Jewish Archive Journal, 1968, volume 20, number 2, by Leonard Dinnerstein author of The Leo Frank Case editions 1968 through 2008. Link: Dinnerstein, Leonard. “Leo M. Frank and the American Jewish Community.” American Jewish Archive Journal, November 1968, Volume 20, Number 2. Leonard Dinnerstein’s Continue Reading →